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Benefit of Kiwi to Fix Insomnia

By Herblogazine @HerBlogazine


Sleeplessness affects most people, especially women. We are more likely than men to toss and turn all night when we cannot sleep.

Symptoms of insomnia is when we cannot fall asleep on first going to bed, or waking during the night and being unable to get back to sleep again. Chronic insomnia requires the advice of a qualified practitioner who will look for the underlying cause.

However, there are some researches showed an interesting method to fix sleeplessness.

Well, I don’t think anyone would believe that swallowing kiwi can help us conk out faster. Follow me further to discover.

This little fuzzy fruit, according to Taiwanese researchers, helps send women to sleep faster. As per detail on the research, women who ate two kiwis one hour before bedtime for a month fell asleep 14 minutes faster and had better sleep duration and quality than those who didn’t eat the fruit.

This can possibly be explained that noshing the sweet green flesh before going to bed may boost levels of serotonin, a sleep-inducing neurotransmitter that will act as an express bus to send us to a sound sleep.

There are many ways to prepare kiwis. We can chop and add to fruit salads and salsa, pureeing and mixing into smoothies or fruit drink, and slicing for a tart topping.

Alternative to kiwi, a hot, milky drink taken before bed may also help promote sound sleep.

If you are fan to supplement, niacin (vitamin B3) can have a sedative effect, but take only as directed.

There are some habits we need to avoid:

- Avoid stimulants such as tea and coffee in the evening and limit alcohol consumption.

- Eat the final meal of the day several hours before going to bed

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