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Beneath the White Picnic Rug: Hangout with Diner En Blanc Brisbane Organizer Amy Grey

By Juliet Siu @Lacenruffles
Diner en Blanc Brisbane

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Imagine this: picnic under the star on a balmy winter night, picnic  tables are set with white porcelain tableware, silver cutlery and white table cloth. Scrumptious three course meal and picnic nibbles are immaculately presented and lit by the flickering candlelight, the sweet aroma of a bunch of white peonies blended in with the flavor of fresh sourdough and vintage cheese. With these as the backdrop, troops of revelers dressed in white head-to-toe in their most elegant outfit chatter, chant and dance along to the mellow tunes. The scene is set for some dreamlike photo shoot from every angle, and I’m going to be part of the scene, sparkling and mingling with thousands of Diner en Blanc lovers when it returns to Brisbane for the second year on 31st August 2013. 

To get you in the mood for the biggest celebration of gourmet and fashionable moments in white, Lace n Ruffles went behind the scene and talked to the organizer of this year’s extravaganza…

Amy Grey | Urban Designer, Organizer of Diner en Blanc (DEB) Brisbane

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Have you personally attended any DEB overseas? What are your fondest memories, or which cities do you want to want to travel to for DEB?

I haven’t been to a DEB overseas. I would love to go to one and relax and enjoy myself! Obviously Paris is high on my list! New York would also be incredible. Auckland has just been announced as a city, and once the date is announced I’ll be looking for flights to go and check their first event out.

If you could hold the next DEB in any city and any place in the world where would it be?

My second home is Fort Collins in Colorado. I did an internship as a Landscape Architect there about 5 years ago. It’s a small American town bursting with creativity. It has inspired me make Brisbane more creative and vibrant!

Most rewarding part of organizing DEB?

Watching the delight on everyone’s faces as they arrive at the secret location!

How would you describe the fashion you saw on the field of last year’s DEB Brisbane? Were you stunned by any particular outfit?

I was stunned by everyone’s effort! All 1000 guests dressed in white from head to toe in elegant outfits. I love anything quirky so the lady who dressed as Marilyn Monroe was one of the most memorable! I’ve already heard hints of some other costumes this year too.

Describe your own DEB fashion style?

Last year I dressed in a fun little dress with flowers in my hair. This year I’m going more chic in pants, dress jacket and an elegant top. I’m going to dress much warmer this year, and pants will make it easier for me to run around and manage the event.

Favourite places in Brisbane to shop or get inspired for the perfect DEB outfit?

This year it has been so easy to find beautiful white outfits! White is definitely in fashion. My favorite places has been Veronika Maine this year. I’ve purchased a top from their beautiful range, and am very proud that it is Australian made and is guaranteed to be “Ethically Made”.

Personal favorite set of plate and cutlery in true DEB style?

Simple silver cutlery that my husband and I purchased on our honeymoon to Thailand, and just simple white plates.

Favourite types of flowers to decorate your own DEB table?

I’d love to have three big white Peony Roses

Diner en Blanc Brisbane

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If you could invite along a famous person to DEB to share a table with you, who would the person be and why?

Probably David Attenborough. I’d love to hear his life stories about his travels and adventures.

Best tips for the night to get into the spirit of DEB?

Make sure you double check the rules, but once you have that down, just relax and enjoy the evening. The event does take a lot of preparation, but once you are there it is all worth it, and everyone has the best time! Make sure you get up and dance! It was so much fun last year.

So tell me Dear Reader, have you attended a Diner en Blanc in your city? What do you find most fascinating about Diner en Blanc?

I’ll be talking to Brooke, the other organizer of Diner en Blanc, so If you’re itching to know some of the behind of scene stories from the ladies who make these white magic happen, leave a comment and your wish shall be granted…

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