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Belotero Balance Injections – Benefits, Cost and Side Effects

By Rishiraj @beautyglimpseIn

With age, when the hyaluronic acid in our connective tissue starts dwindling, we start seeing folds and wrinkles in the skin. The easiest way to prevent them is to pump in hyaluronic acid into the skin to cushion it up. Belotero Balance injections are hyaluronic acid based fillers which will help you plump up your skin and make it feel more youthful. We tell you all about these injections here.

Why Belotero Balance? 

The dermal fillers market is already flooded with hyaluronic acid based fillers like Juvederm and Restylane. Belotero Balance is the newest addition to them and has a few advantages over them.

  • Belotero Balance can be administered close to the skin surface while the other hyaluronic acid fillers cannot, since they leave a bluish hue on the skin. Since Belotero Balance does not leave that hue, it can be easily used to treat fine lines or superficial lines.
  • The material is non-allergic and does not need any allergy test before injections.
  • The effect of Belotero Balance can be reversed by the administration of hyaluronidase. So if you are not happy with the results from the filler, you can reverse it in no time.
  • The vials are cost effective
  • The makers of the filler claim that the filler will last in the skin for a minimum of 6 months and can last upto a year in some cases.

Are you a candidate for Belotero Balance?

If you want to treat the signs of aging like lines or wrinkles on your face, then Belotero Balance fillers can be considered. They can be used to erase lines like the frown lines, nasolabial lines, marionette lines, acne scars and crows feet.

You need to be 21 years of age and should not be on a prescription for aspirin or any other blood thinner.

Belotero Balance Procedure

Depending on the areas that you want to be filled, the surgeon will mark points on the skin where the injection will be administered. The area is cleaned and rubbed with a topical anesthetic after which the injections are given.

The procedure itself lasts only 15-20 minutes and involves injecting the filler into the skin with a syringe. You may be called for a touch up procedure after two weeks to see if you need extra shots for a well rounded and optimally plumped up look.

The effect of the filler is almost immediate and you can see the fine lines erased before even the pain from the injections goes away.

Belotero Balance Injections - Before & After

After care and side effects 

You might experience some bruising, redness or swelling at the points where the filler is injected into your skin. Other than that, Belotero Balance does not have any reported side effects.

While you can resume your normal activities soon after you step out of the clinic, you should avoid sun exposure and washing or scrubbing the treated area for a whole day. Also avoid any make up for 48 hours or until the swelling subsides.

Belotero Balance Cost 

A syringe of Belotero Balance costs about $500. The number of injections you would need would depend on the size and shape of the face and the extent of age lines on the face.

Should you go in for the surgery?

Hyaluronic acid fillers are generally safe and effective to use. When you have a hyaluronic acid filler with added advantages, we do not see why you should not go in for it!

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