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Beirut Grill Restaurant 1-for-1 Entertainer App

By Dariel

Looking for a cosy ambience restaurant to chill out and relax after a day at work? Beirut Grill, a restaurant that offers authentic Lebanese food located near the vibrant and bustling Arab street in Singapore. Come experience authentic Middle Eastern hospitality and Lebanese gastronomy at one of the best-rated Lebanese restaurants in town.

Lebanese cuisine is counted as a Mediterranean cuisine that is a combination of local, Ottoman, Shami (the areas of Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria), Persian and other cuisines from cultures that influenced the area through the centuries. Lebanese cuisine includes an abundance of starches, whole grain, fruits, vegetables, fresh fish and seafood; animal fats are consumed sparingly. Beirut Grill specializes in hot and cold mezze, Lebanese small plates comparable to Spanish tapas. Diners are welcome to order a few plates and try each other’s dishes.

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Stepping into the restaurant gives me a simple yet modern contemporary Middle-Eastern decoration complete with embroidered carpets, ornate lanterns, pillows and vibrant colors. You can also listen to Middle Eastern hit music from the likes of Hamid El Shari’s “Ainy”. It makes for a relaxed and cosy dining atmosphere.

Here are the photos of the food that are served:

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Beirut Grill_15

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Beirut Mezza Platter ($22) – not applicable for 1-for-1 

First served up was the Beirut Mezza Platter – Hummus (Chicken pea puree with sesame paste topped with extra virgin olive oil); Moutabal (Aubergine puree topped with extra virgin olive oil); Baba Ghanoush (Char grilled eggplant with mixed capsoium topped with olive oil); Falafel (Deep fried fava beans croquettes served with tahina sauce); Cheese Borek (Deep fried Lebanese pastry filled with Feta Cheese); Homemade Pita Bread.

Beirut Grill_7

Beirut Grill_9

Mixed Grilled Kebab Platter ($36, serves at least two) – not applicable for 1-for-1

It was then followed by the Mixed Grilled Kebab Platter – Shish Taouk (chicken cubes marinated overnight with Lebanese herbs & spices); Lamb Kebab Kofta (Char grilled minced lamb with Arabic herbs & spices); Tikka Kebab (Char grilled beef cubes marinated in chef’s special spices); Beirut Lamp Chops (Chef’s special dish marinated in Arabic Herbs & spices). The lamb chops were indeed as they put it – succulent and tender, char grilled to perfection. The photo says it all, not dry and tough at all.

Beirut Grill_10

Samak Meshwi ($18)

Then came the Samak Meshwi – Grilled fish cubes marinated in Arabic herbs and spices served with grilled vegetables and Vermicelli rice. The fish cubes were soft, juicy and tender – not the “dry dry, powdery powdery” fish meat you sometimes get at other eatery places out there.

Beirut Grill_11

Mousakaa ($16)

The Mousakaa – Char grilled egg plant cooked with chickpeas & onions, stewed with tomato sauce served with Vermicelli rice.

Beirut Grill_13

 Baklava ($12)

The Baklava is a dessert made of crispy filo pastry filled with crushed nuts tipped with honey and rose water.

Diners can also enjoy entertainment provided by talented belly dancers at Beirut Grill on Fridays 8pm to 10pm. Below is a short video clip on the belly dancing!

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