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Being an Adult

By Asullivan @asullivan85

​Hey! Things look a bit different, huh? Well, its time to be a big girl-or at least pretend to be and get a bit more professional looking. Not that I didn't love my layout before, but in my attempt to build a brand and shift more towards food blogging, I thought it was time to become self hosted. Scary stuff, but I am so excited. I followed my heart and really feel like the change will help  me reach my goals. 

Please excuse the mess. As you can see, there are posts from waaaay back in the day showing up. Oh, and sorry if I showed up in your feed 558745453352 times. Yikes. ​

Anyway, I hope you stick around for more recipes and ramblings about my life. Thanks for your encouragement! ​

Being an Adult

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