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Behind The Song: Wyland – “Butterflies”

Posted on the 28 January 2016 by Music Creates Us @musiccreatesus


New Jersey-based, indie pop-rock band, Wyland, recently announced the release of their new single, “Butterflies.” The track is from the band’s third EP, set to drop in early 2016. By recording the forthcoming EP in a live setting, Wyland channeled a purely authentic sound that’s true to the band’s roots.

Wyland consists of Ryan Sloan (lead vocals, piano), Mauricio Salazar (guitar), Richard Joyce (drums) and James Preston (bass). Ryan shared the writing process behind “Butterflies,” and how the song came to life. Read what he had to say below.

I came up with the piano part some time before even showing it to the band. I remember playing it and the opening lyrics ‘butterflies, come lift me up, up to the sky, yeah through the clouds’ were the first lines that came out. I didn’t think it had potential so I didn’t build on it and I just kept it to myself. It wasn’t until about four months later in August, that the boys heard it. It was a hell of day. We had a show the night before and woke up at the crack of dawn to shoot and record our rendition of ’Seven Nation Army’. After we were finished with that, I suggested that we head to the studio to have a writing session. I regretted the suggestion almost immediately because we were all so very tired. But we had a show later that night and I figured we could all stick together until then. So we went to the studio and we played with a number of different things and suddenly, I found myself playing that piano part and everyone just took a moment to listen and then instantly started jiving with it. It was like the song wrote itself. Every part that everyone played is literally what you hear on the record. Later that night, we performed it and it felt incredible.RS

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Behind The Song: Wyland – “Butterflies”
Behind The Song: Wyland – “Butterflies”

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