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Become a Top Wedding Planner – 5 Ways to Stay Sane During the Holidays

By Sharonhill @sharonhill

Become a Top Wedding Planner – 5 Ways to Stay Sane During the Holidays

If you are new to wedding and event planning, you are probably just realizing how busy the holiday season can be for you. You may be planning and organizing holiday events, working with brides on their early 2012 weddings, meeting newly engaged couples to talk about your services, planning a booth for the January bridal shows, and working on business goals for the new year. All of this in addition to planning your own family holiday celebrations.

Here are 5 helpful hints for staying sane during this season:

1) Keep track of what you must do

The hectic holiday season isn’t the time to rely on your memory. Keep a notebook or journal handy to jot down a list of to-dos or speak them into a voice recorder, most smartphones have this feature, and refer to it often.

2) Schedule your tasks

Take your to-dos and fit them into your calendar. This way you know if you actually have the time to accomplish all you want to do or if you need to delegate or delete some items.

3) Take breaks

When you are busy, it’s tempting to grab a meal at the drive-thru and eat in the car between appointments or sit in front of your computer for hours at a time while you do something such as create a timeline for your bride. However, you will actually work better when you take breaks several times a day. You will come up with more creative ideas after you spend a few minutes taking a walk, listening to music, or just relaxing.

4) Get plenty of sleep

Eight hours a night is best. Sleep deprivation can cause memory loss, lessen your attention to detail, and make you feel overwhelmed and depressed. You need to be at your best when you have a great deal  to accomplish, so get the amount of sleep you need each night.

5) Think before you commit

As wedding and event planners, we have a natural desire to take care of everyone and make sure they are happy. But as a result of doing favors for people, we often find ourselves staying up late to finish our own projects or neglecting to do something that was important to us. Help others when you can, but don’t give up all of the valuable time you need to run your business and have a satisfying personal life.

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