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Become a Top Wedding Planner – 5 Things to Watch for When Offered Free Listings

By Sharonhill @sharonhill

Become a Top Wedding Planner – 5 Things to Watch for When Offered Free Listings

When you’re a wedding planner, some wedding websites, print advertisers, and wedding professionals will add you to their wedding vendor lists for free. It gives you an opportunity to have some extra exposure but be aware that it doesn’t mean it will bring you lots of  business. In fact, there may be a chance that you will end up spending more money than it might bring you.

Here are 5 things to watch for when you are given a opportunity to be on a list for free:

1) Advertisers often list your name then offer you the “opportunity” to add a description and a website link at a “small” additional monthly cost. If you want to consider this, first add up the cost per year and make sure it is what you want to spend on advertising with this particular company. They should be a company that has a lot of success reaching the brides in your niche.

2) Review the names of the other vendors on the list. Are they people you would want to work with and recommend? You don’t want to be on a list with vendors who do not offer the same high-quality services that you do.

3) Is the list really of wedding and event planners and/or wedding professionals? Years ago, without my knowledge, I was listed as a party rental business. I still get calls requesting chairs! If asked, make sure the people who will see and use this list are clear about what you do and have a need for your services.

4) If a staffing agency tells you they will add you to their list, ask if they will charge you or the client any fees when you are hired. You need to know up front if you will have to pay them a percentage of your fees and if they are charging your bride for finding you, you may want to take that into consideration when you set your fees with her.

5) Venues and wedding vendors also have lists and may offer to add you to their lists. If you have worked with them before, they may be a source of good referrals for you and you may want to include them in your vendor network. Just check if they have any expectations of you when you get a referral from them.

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