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Become a Top Wedding Planner – 5 Small Things To Do That Can Bring Success

By Sharonhill @sharonhill

 Become a Top Wedding Planner – 5 Small Things To Do That Can Bring Success

Exhibiting in bridal shows, advertising on wedding websites, blogging, posting on social networking sites, and participating in business networking groups are all great ways to market and sell your services.

However there are small things that you can easily do that will make you stand out with brides, and fellow wedding vendors, that will make them want to do business with you:

Here are 5 small things to consider doing:

1) Always be on time

Whether it’s an appointment with a bride, a meeting with another vendor, or a group meeting or event, plan to arrive early, or at least on time. This shows you are organized, reliable and also respect the time of the people you are meeting.

2) After a meeting, write a thank you note and send it in the mail

It’s easy to dash off a quick email after meeting with someone but it takes more effort to sit down, hand write a note, and mail it – so most people never do it. You will stand out from the crowd if you take the time to write a few short sentences telling the person how much you appreciate them for spending time with you.

3) Always dress appropriately

Whether you are meeting with a potential client, a current client, or a business partner, remember that they will notice what you are wearing. Dress in formal business attire or casual business attire, whichever is appropriate, whenever you meet to do business.

4) Remember to be polite

Be well-mannered, and don’t speak ill of anyone else ( nothing is ever,”off the record”). And, of course, refrain from using any words that others might consider inappropriate in a professional business situation.

5) Do what you say you will do

Whether it is calling a bride when you say you will, sending a link to an article you told her she would enjoy, or telling a vendor you would contact them to have coffee, if you have told someone you will do something, keep your word and follow through with your actions.

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