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Beauty Myths:

By Misspenelope90 @MissPenelope90
hi everyone,  so today im going to tell you about some beauty myths, that you may have heard along the way somewhere and you don't know whether they are true or not, keep reading to find out if you were right about them? Beauty myths: (image from google) Old Wives Tales about Skin and Beauty There are tons of old wives tales in circulation and we often talk about them without ever realising that all they are is tales.  Carrots don’t improve your vision, you’re ok to go swimming after you have eaten, you can’t feed a fever to starve a cold, you don’t catch a cold by going out with wet hair, your eyes don’t get ruined (or go square) by sitting to close to a television monitor, masturbation doesn’t cause blindness, cracking your knuckles doesn’t cause arthritis, toads don’t cause warts and spicy food doesn’t cause ulcers.  Bet that is a load off your mind isn’t it?  So what about old wives tales about skin?  And are they true or are they fiction? Chocolate Causes Acne This is perhaps one of the biggest old wives tales of all, because it taps into our greatest fear and our greatest love.  Nobody wants to have acne, but nobody wants to go without chocolate either.  Hence, some clever old woman at some point told her kids that eating chocolate caused acne, thereby ensuring that her teens didn’t fill their tummies on her secret chocolate stash.  It is a complete tale, as there is literally not the slightest bit of evidence to support the claim that chocolate causes acne.  In fact, there is no food at all that leads to either acne or bad skin.  Of course it is unhealthy to eat too much chocolate or any other type of sugary food, but you don’t need to stand ready with your tea tree oil every time you eat a bar of chocolate.  If you read things such as Tria hair removal reviews, you will quickly notice that acne is still a major concern for many women.  Acne is not caused by any type of food; it is caused by bacteria occurring in the lower parts of the skin that sits around hair follicles.  Using harsh chemicals or products that your skin is not used to can cause acne, but eating chocolate cannot. Dry Skin Leads to Wrinkles I swear down, I used to be so happy that I had acne.  At least, as I thought, I wouldn’t get wrinkles.  Imagine my dismay when wrinkles started appearing and I found out this was nothing but an old wives tale?  And I used to laugh at people with dry skin who picked on me for my acne, telling them that I would outgrow my acne but they would grow into their wrinkles!  The reason why these two are linked in the old wives tale is because wrinkles are caused by a breakdown of collagen.  Collagen is found in the same layer of skin as acne and dry skin.  However, that is where the links end because people with oily skin have just as many wrinkles as people with dry skin.  Here was me hoping that I could use Tria Blue Light to show off my unblemished and unwrinkled face, only to find out that I have just as many wrinkles as people with dry skin.  Oh well… Cold Water Shrinks Pores This is another great old wives tale.  Funnily enough, many people believe in this one.  The truth about pores is that your parents gave you yours (make sure you thank them for that one soon).  There is nothing you can do to change the size of your pores.  The only thing cold water can do is constrict your blood vessels, making it feel as if your pores are smaller.  However, this isn’t true at all. 
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