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Beauty Hauls for February

By Allaboutjyl

Hellos! Been quite good on the month of January as I “almost” didn’t buy any “unecessary” beauty products (thank god I survived the month!, lolz)as I told myself to control and make sure to ONLY buy things that I NEEDED NOT WANTED >_< But I guess being a “slight” impulsive buyer, my heart can’t control over my mind and rush to the mall to get something on the first day of February! Sheesh, I guess being a “shopaholic” is an addiction I’ll never get rid of! (lolz~) Even though there are still 37526451217524514532 items I WANTED to put into my cart but I try my best to control and make sure to only get those that I might NEED~ Beauty Hauls for February 1) JAZZY Collection- MAKEUP BRUSH CLEANER    Price: PHP305(USD 8) Beauty Hauls for February l   I tend to wash my brushes every other day using an anti-bac liquid soap but I find the drying time too long and time consuming. The SA told me that this brush cleaner helps remove dirt plus the drying ain’t that long too so I settle for it.
2) TONYMOLY- FRESH AQUA COOLING 24 EYES STICK   Price: PHP348 (USD 7)Beauty Hauls for February
l   Recently, my eyes tend to get so puffy, dry and sore so I settle for this wishing it would revive my undereyes condition
3) TONYMOLY- THE ORIENTAL GYEOL CLEANSING CREAM    Price:PHP798 (USD 15)Beauty Hauls for February
l   It is said to have made with traditional Korean herbal ingredients that promises to revive skin radiant and also decrease skin stress
4) TONYMOLY- PORE CLEANSING BRUSH    PricePHP998 (USD 20)Beauty Hauls for February
l   Claims to remove hidden dirt in pores and remove dead skin cells.
That’s it for all the products! Will review them soon ^_~Beauty Hauls for February Thanks for dropping by =)

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