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Beauty Army-March 2012 Haul

By Stephanie1 @NewBeautyReview
I'm back with the latest chapter in my Beauty Army book of yummy goodness for the soul! :-)
I knew I'd be seeing my Mom this month so I decided to pick all 6 of my samples for her. I know you're thinking, "what a good daughter you are!" Yes, you're right, I am (LOL) but it's nothing compared to how good she is to me, so really it's the least I can do. (Hi Mom!! Xo)
This is where being able to change your Beauty Army profile really comes in handy. I was able to alter my settings to match my Mom's skincare needs. My Mom is under 60 & has beautiful skin and takes care of it the way I do mine (who do you think taught me how to do all of this?) so I chose a mix of products she could really benefit from. Since she's the real product Queen (No lie, the woman could open a Sephora store with just what she has alone) I tried to imagine she was going on vacation and needed to pack some essentials...
(Clockwise from L to R) Sun FX Body Wash, BABOR Argan Cream, Indie Lee Squalane Facial Oil, Cover FX Eye Prep, CellCeuticals CerActive Moisturizer, Control Corrective Botanical Soothing Cream SPF 30
Beauty Army-March 2012 Haul
I chose the Sun FX body wash because I knew I liked their tanning cream so I figured the wash would be good. It smells just like the tanning cream, like coconuts! I knew the calming/soothing ingredients like Aloe, Chamomile & Calendula Extract wouldn't irritate her sensitive skin. Since it promises to create a light foam, that tells me it's detergent level is low, which also guarantees no irritation.
My Mom said she can't wait to use this!
I got the BABOR cream because it's made with Argan oil which is "Morocco's liquid gold." It's good for all skin types and it stabilizes the skin's barrier. The skin keeps it's elasticity and maintains it's natural collagen fiber. All of this works together to keep the skin looking radiant! From the gold trimmed box to the elegant glass jar, it has luxury written all over it. It even smells like a million dollars!
I raved about Indie Lee's Coconut/Citrus scrub in my last Beauty Army post.
I was looking forward to trying more products from her line because they just all look SO good! I wanted my Mom to try the Squalane Oil because the benefits seem endless. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles & hydrates the skin. Over time it evens skin tone so eventually you won't need to use makeup. It soothes eczema, sun damage and wounds. Hello?? Who doesn't have 1 of those 3? See what I mean? ;-)
I actually got to meet Indie Lee a few days ago during her trunk show at Henri Bendel's on 5th Ave in NYC. First off, she's beautiful, like inside and out! So bubbly, smart, funny and she radiates goodness! It felt like I was running into a friend I hadn't seen in a little while. I absolutely adore her! We talked for a while and I can't wait to see her again. I believe in her products because the way she came about creating them is really inspirational & true so knowing her heart is in this, I know she's going to be bigger than life! She kinda already is...just saying.
She even offered me a discount so I picked a big bottle of the Squalane Oil for my Mom, this way I'd take the smaller one for myself. I had given my Mom a mini facial and after trying this oil I knew we'd need more, so it was a no brainer!
(Thanks Indie!! Xo)
If you're looking for a real natural line of skin/body care please check out her products. I promise you'll love them and there's something for everyone!
Indie Lee in Henri Bendel's!!! Yay!! :-)
Beauty Army-March 2012 Haul
Us girls :-)
Beauty Army-March 2012 Haul
Knowing you can never have enough eye cream, I chose the Cover FX Eye Prep. Like I mentioned just before, when I gave my Mom her mini facial, I used this as her eye cream and she liked it. I know my Mom doesn't wear a lot of makeup but I got this for her because it's also serves as an eye cream. It has anti-aging properties, helps to reduce swelling, dark circles, puffiness & wrinkles. She wore it all day and since it didn't irritate her skin, she's now going to use it until it's gone :-)
I had picked the CellCeuticals scrub in my first Beauty Army haul and loved it so much that I wanted my Mom to fall in love with the line too. I've long known of Dr. Garth Fisher's work as a reconstructive and plastic surgeon so when I found out he was the one half of the brand's creators, it all made sense. He does beautiful work and must know what products work best. I love when real, practicing Doctors (especially the prestigious ones such as Dr. Fisher) make skin/body care because you know that chances are, it's all going to be really well made. Why, you ask? Because their celebrity and best clients will be using it, so it can't be anything but the creme de la creme!
This cream is for a dry skin and I thought it would be good for my Mom during the cold months of the year. She used some yesterday and for those of you that were in Manhattan, you know it was cold and windy :-( However, she liked it because it created a shield from the wind and she escaped windburn on both her hands and face. See?
Creme de la creme! ;-)
I picked the Control Corrective Botanical Soothing Cream SPF 30 because it's more than your plain SPF. It's good for sensitive skin, it's anti-aging and unlike most SPF creams, it's especially good for rosacea like skin. It helps reduce flushing and redness. I thought this would be a good choice for her too because even though she doesn't have rosacea, her skin is sensitive so she can use this all year with no problems while getting the added benefit of SPF. She hasn't tried it yet but she's going to, this week. I'm making her! Lol!
So that's it for this month! Don't forget that anything you get from Beauty Army as a sample, you can also buy in regular sizes on their website. Love them for this!
You won't have to wait a whole month for my next Beauty Army haul because somewhere in the next 2 weeks I'll be dissecting the gift basket Lindsey Guest (Beauty Army owner) gave me at The Makeup Show in LA last weekend. I literally got it home, oohed and ahhed and then I had to jump on a plane, so I didn't really get to play with anything! I can't wait to go over everything in that thing because it all looks amazing! (Thanks again Lindsey! Xo)

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