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Beauty Army-February 2013 Kit Review

By Stephanie1 @NewBeautyReview
February always flies by in a blink so I didn't even get a chance to pick my samples for this month! Lol! The thing I love about Beauty Army is that even when I don't pick my own samples, they always pick awesome ones for me. I really wanted to make a video for this review but I didn't have time! I didn't want these beauties to go unnoticed so I had to say something! ;-)

                                                              Clockwise from L to R: 

GG Gatsby-Raise Volume Shampoo, Nelson J-Argon Oil 7-in-1 Non-Foaming Shampoo, Lash Card, Bath & Body Works-Sweet Pea-Body wash,  Olive Natural Beauty-The Olive Bar (Lemon & Lavender) & Yes to carrots Body cream Beauty Army-February 2013 Kit Review
GG Gatsby: Raise Volume Shampoo- I was so happy to see this pink lady in my kit because I'd just tried the conditioner and REALLY liked it! I wish I'd waited to use them together. Lol! But still, the shampoo is just amazing. It left my hair feeling clean, moisturized & smelling salon worthy! When I use volumizing products it's hard to tell if they're working because my hair can get pretty big on it's own but I definitely feel like it's fluffier. Lol! 
Nelson J: Argon Oil 7-in-1 Non-Foaming Shampoo- I didn't have high hopes for this product simply because I haven't had great experiences with a product that claims to do so many things at once. I actually used it to clean my makeup brushes before I used it on my hair and it worked beautifully! However when I tried it in the shower on my hair, it failed to live up to my expectations. I loved the scent and the texture left my makeup brushes incredibly smooth! To it's credit, my hair is very thick and needs something heavier so I imagine this would work better on a person with thinner or shorter hair. It really is a lovely product!
Lash Card: These are such a great invention! I can't see myself using this for everyday use but definitely on clients or for when I'm traveling. I have something similar that's washable/reusable that I keep in my brush belt for clients. I do feel like I would take these with me when I'm traveling and don't want to worry about packing another beauty tool. I'd also definitely use these on actors (write their names on them & re-use) for movies, theater or when you know you'll be working with someone continuously. They're definitely a great way to keep everything sanitary by avoiding cross contamination!
Bath & Body Works: Sweat Pea Body Wash- As I've said before, I'm very familiar with this brand so I knew what to expect with this item. I was happy to see it because it smells so sweet, I love the soft lather this creates when I use my loofah & I've also been known to add this to my bubble baths because it gives off SO many bubbles! I'm traveling soon so this is coming with me!
Olive Natural Beauty: The Olive Bar (Lemon & Lavender)- First thing's first...before I even opened the box I could smell the soap & it smelled so good! I love how the packaging looks like a flower, it's really pretty! I can't say too many bars of soap leave my skin feeling soft & moisturized but this one did. I liked how gentle it felt but how clean my hands were after use. I love Lavender and Lemon so this was a great pick for me. Thank you Beauty Army!! XO
Yes to Carrots: Super Rich Body Butter- I have fallen in love with these products thanks to Beauty Army! The products say they will work & they deliver every time. I'm impressed because the prices are so reasonable that you almost feel like they made a mistake! Lol! I used this on my legs & used the rest here & there as hand lotion throughout the day for a few days. Smells really fresh & sinks right into your skin. 
This was a great month for products! I have to say as the time goes on I feel Beauty Army has remained consistent and even gotten better products. They always had a good variety but I feel like it's a great mix of not so known brands and top shelf items.  Another awesome month as a Beauty Army Brat!
If you'd like to join remember it's just $12 a month for 6 deluxe size samples! In other words, they're huge! Lol! Definitely worth it & who knows, maybe you'll end up trying something you can't live without!
Sign up here: *Beauty Army*
Keep it Prettie! *Stephanie*

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