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Beard and Stache Update #2

By Beardandstache @BeardAndStache
Beard and Stache Update #2 - Troy Ballard and Adam Parker
What's up, readers?
Adam and I would like to give everyone a quick update on what's going down here at B&S, and about the future of the site moving forward.
We'd like to kick it off with some exciting news -- Beard and Stache is delving back into the world of podcasting after a brief (actually quite long) recess. I know, it's been a cold few months without our voices carrying through every iPod in North America and beyond, and trust us, we missed it too. That's why both of us are going to make a concerted effort to produce one top-notch podcast per week, and yes, for those wondering, it will be back on Podomatic (enter...round of applause)!
The revival of the podcast, along with all other matters on the site, are going to be geared to not only inform our audience, but also connect with them. Adam and I have both made the choice to shake-off and dump the ESPN-mantra, and we are going to make a concerned effort to change this site into what it is.. a blog.
That means that in essence, we are going to stop trying to be Mike Florio, and we're going to start doing our own thing moving forward. To break it down a little further, Adam and I are going to revive and rework what Beard and Stache is.
With that in mind, we are going to be doing some experimental (mostly, if not entirely, fun) stuff, and we'd love to hear your opinion on it. As noted above, we are making a serious effort to connect with our readers/listeners instead of berating them with our opinions and recycled information.
That's why we want to get all of our readers more involved. In the coming weeks we will be asking some favors and for participation, and we'd love it if you contributed. B&S is what our readers make it, and we'd greatly appreciate you helping us take this site to the next level.
Adam and I do not write, podcast and dedicate time to this site for profit (although, that would be an excellent bonus, and we certainly would not reject a lucrative donation), we do it because we love it.
Our goal is that our readers start to love it as much as we do
Thanks, as always.
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