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Basic Shots And Camera Angles

Posted on the 20 June 2011 by Nandu1985 @vivek_arumanda
Basic Shots And Camera AnglesHi this is a very useful topic..please try to focus on the post...when u are shooting something u should have minimum knowledge about the types of shots used to convey the feeling through the character..without knowing these basic and fundamental shots u cant narrate a film with rhythm..these camera angles and moves helps in creating a bond between your film character and the these basic shots are very important to know and how they are shot.
The Basic Camera Shots:
  • Wide Angle Shot   
  • Medium Shot
  • Close Up 
  • Extreme Close up      

Wide Angle Shot: The camera will be placed far away from the setup in such a way that it will show u the entire details about the set. This kind of shot will be used at the begging of the film, or to establish a set..or a battle field where everything should come into the frame. This shot is very helpful to show the entire setup.
Medium Angle Shot: The camera will be placed somewhat distant from the object and some part of the set is visible partially..This kind of shot is maily used  when two people converse without moving camera.

Close Up: Many of u might have know what a close up ahot will be placed very near to the object and will be only focusing the object probably over the waist..this shot will help u to convey a feeling of your character and will make viewer more attached with the character since it will give a feeling to the viewer that he is the part of that scene.
Extreme Close UP: This shot will be canned placing the camera very close to the object such that iy will be focused on a particular part are a thing(EG: Eyes,Head) so that the viewer can get the extreme details about the character.
Now Just moving on to Camera Angles we have:
  • Flat Shot
  • High Angle Shot
  • Low Angle Shot
  • Over Head

Flat Shot: This is the very basic shot used since so many years.. try to use this shot as minimum as possible so that the viewer might not get bored..In this shot camera is placed at a minimum distant and the characters will look straight into eye to eye and the camera will be placed straight  at them.
High Angle Shots: This shot will be very handy to convey the power of the show so many properties in your set...are helps in to shoot shots like battle field where u can show entire set from camera will be placed high above the object so that everything will be visible around the object.
Low Angle Shots: This shot helps to caan scenes which include children, like a child looking at the adult..this shot gives a unique angle to the the camera will be placed lower than the subject or object.
Over Head Shots:  Camera will be directly placed above the head of the subject and object that creates a dynamic look for the viewer.
Still if u have any doubt please look at this video. And some more videos are available in Related Videos Page in this blog.

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