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  • Be Athletic


    If I had the ability to sprinkle pixie dust on any player and immediately change something, I think most times it would be to get the player to be more... Read more

    The 05 December 2013 by   Meachrm
  • Angry Hips

    Angry Hips

    When I see young players hit, the biggest problem with regards to not hitting the ball with authority is an inability to use their midsection. Read more

    The 02 December 2013 by   Meachrm
  • Happy Holidays!

    Happy Holidays!

    Today will be my last post until Monday, January 6, 2014. Things are getting pretty hectic with school, the holidays, family gatherings, and such so I just won’... Read more

    The 13 December 2013 by   Meachrm
  • No Dimmer Switches

    Dimmer Switches

    In my house, like many houses, I have several dimmer switches that regulate how much light I want turned on. These are great for homes but not so good for a... Read more

    The 12 December 2013 by   Meachrm
  • OK, I Was Wrong On Cano

    Wrong Cano

    It's been one helluva crazy week on the Hot Stove front.Jacoby Ellsbury and Jarrod Saltalamacchia both leave the Red Sox for the greener pastures of New York an... Read more

    The 07 December 2013 by   Theomnipotentq
  • So Long Metrodome...& Leslie Frazier

    Long Metrodome...& Leslie Frazier

    The Vikings bid farewell to the Metrodome yesterday with a 14-13 win over the Detroit Lions.The Dome will be taken apart starting next month, and the new stadiu... Read more

    The 30 December 2013 by   Theomnipotentq
  • Irish Take The Pinstripes In The Bronx

    Irish Take Pinstripes Bronx

    Notre Dame ended the 2012 season with a 26-16 win over Rutgers on Saturday in the Pinstripe Bowl at that den of vipers called Yankee Stadium. Read more

    The 28 December 2013 by   Theomnipotentq
  • No AP Or Toby? No Problem. Enter Matt Asiata.

    Toby? Problem. Enter Matt Asiata.

    When the news broke yesterday morning that both Adrian Peterson and Toby Gerhart was sitting for Sunday's game against the Eagles at the Metrodome, I thought... Read more

    The 16 December 2013 by   Theomnipotentq
  • Now That Was a Wacky 2:05

    That Wacky 2:05

    They say the Kentucky Derby is the most exciting two minutes in sports, but yesterday's Vikings-Ravens finish gave it a run for its money. Read more

    The 09 December 2013 by   Theomnipotentq
  • A Very Happy 2014 To You All

    Very Happy 2014

    This is my 288th and final post on The Mighty Quinn Media Machine for 2013. It's been an interesting year to say the least.It was a year for the ages to be a Re... Read more

    The 31 December 2013 by   Theomnipotentq


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