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Barack Obama Versus Mitt Romney – Who Does Astrology Say Will Win the 2012 US Election?

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Romney Obama

Ok, here we go!!! In the red corner we have the Pisces challenger, the former governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney representing the Republicans and in the blue corner stands the Leo born incumbent and representative of the Democratic party, Barack Obama. Now as promised seeing as I am currently on a bit of a winning streak, I am now going to get out my crystal ball (no not really), gaze up to the heavens and give my two-penny worth of opinion of who I believe will prevail on 6th November 2012. I am going to look head to head, the astrology on the day as well as the visual astrology and connections to fixed stars. I hope to provide the most comprehensive astrological guide on the web to the biggest and most significant political contest that will grip the globe in 2012.


Barack was born on 4th August 1961 at 19.24 in Honolulu, Hawaii. A proud Leo Sun sign, he has a media savvy Gemini Moon and a cool yet sociable Aquarius ascendant. A quick look at the pattern of the chart shows most of the planets in the Western hemisphere; this is a man who thinks of other people before he thinks of himself and with 5 planets in fixed signs he is determined but a little stuck in his ways.

BarackObama natal

The Sun and Mercury sit in wide conjunction in showbiz Leo. All Leos love to be the center of attention ( I should know as I am a Leo too) and Barack is no exception. He will be proud, individual and he will want to be the best he can be. Being at the top is natural for most Leo’s it’s the place they naturally believe they should be. Mercury in Leo makes Barack have strong opinions which he will express with gusto, he is a strong confident orator who will like to put on a show. In the sixth house this combination adds a great attention to detail in his day to day work, getting to grips with the smallest problem, Barack is an organizer supreme and quite a perfectionist. He will also be very conscious of his health and will a great fan of keeping fit and healthy and his vision to overhaul the US health system shows this.

Opposite Mercury is Saturn and Jupiter. As well as the small details, Barack will also be able to express the bigger picture and his communication will have a serious, hard-nosed edge with Saturn exceptionally strong in Capricorn. Woe betide anyone who crosses Barack, as he is one tough cookie who will show little mercy. He will have a stern temper with Saturn trine Mars and he has a great store of energy and controlled ambition pushing him to the top. Jupiter is in socially aware Aquarius thus Barack’s big vision and belief is being fair to all, not just those at the top. This is backed up with socially orientated Libra on the cusp of the 8th house of change and taxation. Where Saturn and Jupiter gives someone a balanced outlook, it sometimes holds you back. I often find people with this aspect cannot make up their mind or will go for the more conservative option rather than taking a risk or two. Barack’s catchphrase in the 2008 election was “Yes we can!!”, not “Yes we will!!”. Very Saturn Jupiter in that regard, Barack will always find it rather easier to sit on the fence.
Saturn is retrograde as always this indicated that the love of the father was missing. As we know, his parents separated when he was just 3 years old. With a peregrine Uranus conjunct his North Node, his relationship with his mother was distant and cold. This Uranus will tend to dominate the chart and Obama’s demeanour is strangely similar, kind, sympathetic but with a cool edge. His path in life will be to be very socially aware, a humanitarian and setting a radical agenda.

Those cool emotions are also shown by the Moon in restless Gemini. He will be very aware of “the message”, always wanting to be informed and aware of the latest news. He will also want to control the message and it’s content with the Moon square Pluto in critical Virgo. His family and especially his children will be very dear to him and he will want to keep their upbringing very much in a secure and private environment, shown by the Moon sitting in the fourth house.

Next door in the fifth house we see Venus. This is a very romantic, gentle Venus being trine to Neptune. A lover of romance, he will appreciate the love of his wife Michelle, be a bit of a dreamer and may have artistic or creative flair. For sure Barack will be a big sports fan and appreciative of competition. Neptune in the ninth shows an appreciation of all type of faith, no matter how unusual. It also shows that his education was very confused and disrupted. Interestingly Neptune is square the Sun, here is a possibility for using drugs and or alcohol to escape from reality and the difficult aspects of his life.

Finally I look at the 7th house of partners and marriage. Here we find Pluto, Mars and that peregrine (not connected to any other planet by major aspect) Uranus. I wonder about this combination. Sure he will be attracted to strong feisty and controlling women with Mars and Pluto here, and Michelle is certainly that, but he will also be very irritable man to live with as he is such a perfectionist (Mars in Virgo). That stand alone Uranus here in the 7th tends to say to me that the relationship with his wife may be a bit cooler than we think. Pluto suggests that through marriage Barack’s life was transformed, however in the future, this same Pluto through a malefic transit could also herald a further change of perspective in the direction of his life. We shall see.


Mitt was born on 12th March 1947 in Detroit, Michigan at 09.51hrs. There is a second potential birth time which is known to Astrologers of 10.00am but the difference is negligible, for the moment at least. Like his main rival Rick Perry, Mitt is a Sun Pisces and he has a Scorpio Moon and a Gemini Ascendant. Before I delve into the planetary details, it is interesting to note that Mitt has no planets in Earth signs like Hilary Clinton. Those without any planets in earth often lack grounding (an obvious but true statement) and common sense. Starting things off and leading from the front is not really in the nature of the Governor of Massachusetts too, as he only has one planet in a Cardinal sign, and this is spiritual Neptune. With 5 planets in water, Mitt is someone who feels his way through life. He has tremendous determination and staying power with 5 fixed planets, and he is flexible and can shift his position to suit the situation with 4 in mutable signs.


Mitt’s Sun sits in the 11th house in wide conjunction to Mercury and we also find Mars here as well. His strength is in being a team player. He will work best when as part of a group, association or in cooperation with friends. As such, if he does achieve the nomination, his potential running mate I think will prove crucial to his chances, as Mitt is the polar opposite to Barack Obama who is very much his own man and somebody who prefers to run things by himself. With Mercury and Mars in conjunction, Mitt has a sharp mind, his arguments will be clear and convincing and will snap back with a quick response if challenged; this man is a good debater and has a clever turn of phrase in his armoury. Mitt’s Mars is in Pisces so at heart he is naturally non-aggressive and will hold back if challenged to fight. Mercury retrograde is quite reflective, introspective and deep thinking especially when it comes to personal subjects, or things of an emotional nature. Mitt certainly will have a poetic way of communicating, but I suspect he lacks the real passion of emotion in his speeches to inspire the masses, like a Kennedy, Reagan or Clinton for example. The Gemini Ascendant will make him question every action and concept put to him, make him strongly independent and often seem on edge, he may suffer with nervous tension and anxiety.

The Sun and Mercury square to Uranus in the first house. This man likes to be original, to be an individual standing out in the crowd. He will thrive in a fast paced environment, but his energies and thoughts may become scattered once under pressure. Uranus is in Gemini, he may attempt to sort out too many things at the same time, with the risk of nothing ever getting completed. This is also compounded by the lack of earth in the chart. A Taurean emphasis would be so handy here, a steadying hand on the tiller and this is why I believe that above anything else, Romney will need to choose very carefully a running mate who is going to compensate for his lack of earth signs. Mitt will have a penchant and an interest for science, development and the latest technology.

The Sun makes a trine to the Moon and Jupiter closely conjunct in the 6th house of health and everyday work. Here is an optimistic link, someone who believes that luck and fortune is on his side, and generally it is. He has big visions and and will work and work and work to achieve them. Here is no lack of effort. He will be drawn to help people in whatever way he can, to fix what has gone wrong. The 6th house suggests that health will be one area that he will especially be compelled to sort out. This is a tolerant man who will forgive mistakes in others, a worthy aim but one in a politician which can signal weakness. He is emotionally generous, but also very secretive and he will want to know what is going on all around him. Scorpio Moons need to know everything. Scorpio Moon can cause one to be very controlling and even cruel in situations. The iron fist of a tyrant lurks beneath the gentle watery Piscean air that Mitt will portray. This all leads me to think that this could be a very difficult man to work for, sometimes helpful but also capable of being very ruthless.

The last formation on the chart is an extended wedge formation encompassing the 4 planets I have yet to look at. We see a heavy Saturn/Pluto conjunction across the nadir of the chart opposite to Venus conjunct to the Midheaven with Neptune sitting at the point of the wedge. The Saturn Pluto conjunction is capable of huge success in one’s life, it concentrates power, determination and ambition however, as with all the planets the fall side of these planets can be quite devastating. I have nicknames this formation the crash and burn connection, because I have seen so many people with these two planets in a stressful aspect (conjunction, square or opposition) abuse the power and status that it brings, only to suffer the consequences, Rupert Murdoch just recently comes to mind – he has an opposition. Mitt’s conjunction lies opposite to his Midheaven, so it doesn’t take much genius to imagine that a square aspect or opposition from a malefic transiting planet could cause his lasting harmful damage to his reputation. Saturn in the 3rd house makes Mitt rather staid and serious in his communication, he will like to be strictly accurate and light hearted exchanges of views are not really his thing. Saturn is retrograde, so we know that the love of his father was never very forthcoming. Pluto sits in the 4th house, indicating that the relationship with him was very close and controlling. His father would have had a huge influence over his upbringing, someone Mitt hugely admired and yet feared at the same time.

Venus sits in the 10th house in Aquarius. Mitt is married to his work and commitments as much as he is to his wife. Venus in this sign suggests that Ann his wife is very much his friend and that they got married in unusual circumstances, they married immediately after he returned from traveling abroad as a Mormon missionary in France. The trine from Neptune to his Midheaven shows the spiritual link to his early work, and Capricorn on the cusp of the 9th house shows Mitt’s serious attitude to religion. He will want to be known for contributing something positive to the world. If he does become President, watch out for a huge encouragement to the arts, to entertainment and to American creativity in general. This is something that Mitt will want to be associated with. Neptune trine to Venus shows a dreamy expressive quality that is quite lovely. There is a soft heart to this man, someone who will love movies and music, art, theater and fantasy. Neptune in Libra can be “influenced” by those stronger or more persuasive around them, there is the potential for gullibility or maybe deception in this position and connected to this powerful opposition in the natal chart, this just could be an achillies heel in his personality that could be exposed in the future.



I started this article in the style of the boxing announcer before a big brawl and with good reason. A picture often speaks for a thousand words and just looking at the amount of blue and purple on this head to head chart, the colours I use to indicate oppositions and squares (in short tension aspects), tells you all you need to know. These two will clash – big time. Let’s look at the Suns, we have a straight forward proud Leo in Obama against an evasive, elusive Pisces. In boxing terms, we have the big hitter who stands upright in the middle of the ring verses the boxer with more skill than strength who jinks in and out wary of the sledgehammer left (Obama is left handed) trying to wear out his opponent and land enough punches to take the title on points.

The Moons like the Suns are also in “inconjunct” signs Gemini (Obama) and Scorpio (Romney) so emotionally they work on different levels. We have the same awkward inconjunct combination with either Mercury, Obama in Leo and Romney in Pisces. Indeed in looking at the inner personal planets we do not have one tension free combination. Each other’s Mars are in opposite signs, so we are going to have some fireworks there, and Obama’s Mars opposes Romney’s Pluto and Obama’s Mars opposes Romney Sun. My word, these are fireworks and battles for control just waiting to go off.

Romney’s Saturn sits conjunct to Obama’s Mercury and Romney’s Mercury is inconjunct Obama’s Sun. These two aspects alone should annoy the hell out of one another. In the TV debates terms, it all sounds rather good and we should get some decent argument if the TV networks allow it & some heavy blows being traded. The signature aspect here mind you between the two is undoubtedly Obama’s Aquarian Jupiter opposed by Romney’s Saturn in Leo. Expansion versus contraction, hope versus fear, liberal versus conservative. Their charts are at cross purposes, and so are their views and politics.


MittRomney election

Above we have Mitt Romney’s natal chart against election day 6th Nov 2012 in Washington, DC. On the plus side, Mitt has the transiting North Node conjunct natal Jupiter and Moon which brings positive emotions and a fair amount of fortune. Transiting Saturn in the 6th house of everyday work will square Romney’s Midheaven and square his natal Saturn. A big question here. Is Saturn pushing him up a step on the ladder, or is Mitt’s progress being stopped in it’s tracks?

Let’s move back to natal Saturn on Mitt’s chart. There, his Saturn (the inner ring) is conjunct to Pluto and opposite to his Midheaven. You could say natally that his ultimate progress and ambitions in life (Saturn/Midheaven) are in effect blocked by Pluto, affected by a slower moving and thus more powerful planet. Is this a prediction for what happens on 6th November? It happened last time in the Republican nomination process when Romney got so far, before he was defeated by John McCain. He has done better in 2011/12, but will his ambitions be thwarted again this time by Obama?

Transiting Neptune will be square Mitt’s Ascendant and Jupiter/Moon conjunction from his 10th house of career, which is significant as Neptune is personal for Romney him being a Pisces. These connections can be rather over idealistic, falsely confident and ultimately depressing in nature. Transiting Jupiter square Mercury his chart ruler is optimistic in nature and thinks big without having the substance to back one’s ideas and hopes up, and transiting Uranus which rules his Midheaven is trine to Saturn which shows a switch in ambition and work focus but will this be as President, or will he have to realign his priorities after a second unsuccessful attempt?

Looking to Romney’s progressed Moon, if he wins it will be moving into his 12th house of seclusion and sacrifice which is not ideal for a President as often life ideals and plans tend to break down during this progression. It does more signify Mitt moving out of the limelight to reassess his life and ambitions, coming back into the light of day in 2/3 years time in 2015 as it finally connects with his ascendant to start a new cycle in his life. 


BarackObama election

Right I move to Barack Obama. Ok firstly the initial thing I see is the Moon sitting in Leo conjunct Obama’s Sun. In mundane Astrology, the Moon suggests the people and this says the people’s mood is in accordance with the Leo nature of Obama’s Sun. This Moon is quindecile Obama’s Saturn bringing a focus onto his experience and authority. Transiting Saturn sits square to Obama’s Mercury and Jupiter and inconjunct to his Moon, so his mood may well be quite sombre and business like on the day, not wanting to get over enthusiastic and optimistic. Obama’s natal chart is ruled by Uranus with Aquarius on the ascendant and the transiting Nodal Axis is going to be square his natal Uranus/North Node conjunction which does seem to indicate a time of destiny for him, especially as the lucky North Node will still be in conjunction with his Midheaven giving him a career boost.

There are a couple more nice transits here with transiting Jupiter sextile to Obama’s Sun and transiting Pluto trine Obama’s Pluto. This shows a strengthening of power, especially if you look at his Midheaven and see that Pluto through Scorpio rules Obama’s Midheaven (public persona and career status). Transiting Neptune does sit close to Obama’s South Node which may cast a shadow over his whole campaign, however the conjunction has passed through and may not affect him now. Neptune passed Obama’s South Node at 27 Aquarius  in 2010/11 when he at the time was being seen as weak and ineffectual.

Obama’s progressed Moon will be midway through his 2nd house on election day making a pivotal virtual Yod, a turning point in his life with Pluto (ruling his Midheaven) and Neptune (ruling his 2nd house of self worth). The Moon here tends to see one setting down roots and spending money to enhance one’s surroundings. Doesn’t sound like the progressed Moon is describing him moving his residence anytime soon.


US election

This star map shows sunrise on election day and gives the biggest clue to who may win on the day. We have Venus as the Morning Star and Saturn representing the established leader (Obama) rising before the Sun. Normally when Venus rises in the morning, it favours independent action and a chance for the leader of the time to take a few risks. Venus rising tends to favour established leaders rather than challengers who have to strike deals, make concessions and find the need to cooperate to get the chance to assume a leadership position. Here Venus also confers her blessing and light on Saturn (representing Obama) with Jupiter the challenger (Romney) nowhere to be seen. According to this picture alone, there can only be one outcome – Obama to win a second term of office.


Having looked at the election from every conceivable angle, I can only see one outcome – a win for President Obama.

Romney’s natal chart does show a key to this – his Saturn and Midheaven is blocked by Pluto and Obama just happens to have a Pluto Midheaven himself. Obama’s (ambition) natal Saturn is conjunct natal Jupiter so with him there is no impediment to his rise in stature. The planets rising on election day also favour the President and I think that barring some unforeseen events before election day, Barack Obama will be staying put in the White House for 4 more years.

Just as a final note – I am a British Astrologer based in the UK, so I have no preference or allegiance for either party or candidate.

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