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Band of the Week: Blonds

By Pretendmanblog @pretendmanblog

Band of the week: Blonds

I usually hate it when some swanky and coiffed hipster tells me about a band that I’ve, ‘probably never heard of,’ so I’m going to say it quickly and quietly. You’ve probably never heard of this band. I say that mostly because they’ve got just about the most unsearch friendly name ever (after The Music and Girls) but also because they’ve not really done a great deal yet.

What they have done so far though is spark the lubricated tongues of some of the edgier music blogs out there with just a few glimmers of tracks and live performances, whilst all the while tying up a fantastic debut album. An LP chock full of premium grade, sultry indie pop. Sometimes soulful, occasionally bluesy and often delightfully anthemic in that woozy ethereal kind of way.

There’s a hint of Florence in her quieter moments and the inevitable but disappointingly lazy Karen. O comparison, there’s even an element of latter day Arctic Monkeys in there somewhere. Mostly though, this is Blonds and they sound bloody exciting.

The best new album I’ve been sent in fricking ages and will be released on the 7th August. Don’t overlook these kids.

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