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Bad Breath - an Awkward Topic

Posted on the 16 January 2014 by Vall444
Without exaggeration bad breath can destroy friendship, romance, business relations. And then the victim does not imply, what is the source of the problem. Usually no one picks up this uncomfortable topic. And in most cases, this problem is completely solved. The most common odors are caused by bacteria in the mouth. They break down food particles and gases emitted by the smell of sulfur. Unfortunately, standard brushing the teeth is not enough to remove plaque completely. Also the tongue is so to speak a true residence of the microscopic inhabitants of our oral cavity. Good oral hygiene is now greatly expanded and requires cleaning of the interdental spaces. If after these procedures unpleasant smell is not gone away, then the problem is not hygienic. Even if you have complaints, go to the dental examination . The reason for the unpleasant odor can be caries or periodontal abscess. The first two problems are easily treatable, but unfortunately periodontitis is a disease which is for life. For bad breath we often accuse certain foods - such as garlic and onion, As we thoroughly wash the teeth, the smell cannot be removed as it comes from the stomach, not our oral cavity This is due to the sulfur-containing substances that not only do not disappear for a long time, but their smell becomes more unpleasant. So your morning breath has nothing to do with the flavorful dish that you ate for dinner. But we can find a cure, even if it is not necessary to give up the garlic completely. Just put it in moderate quantities and subject it to long cooking - so much to neutralize the unpleasant sulfur compounds. Another source are cigarettes and alcohol . In the first case we have o blame nicotine and tars which stick to the teeth and tissues in the second alcoholic vapors. Not only do they smell disgusting themselves, but also lead to dry mouth, which is a paradise environment for bacteria. If everything listed here do not apply to you and yet can not get rid of bad breath the most likely cause is a disease - upper respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract, kidney, or diabetes. In these cases, the breath smells of acetone. Of course, the cause of acetone breath can be a far more prosaic - hunger . So do not be subjected to strict diets and do not overlook breakfast and lunch for a long time.

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