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Back with a Bang!!

By Pragya

Hi pouties….

Yes I am very fine and doing good and I am sure you girls their too are doing good!!

I was missing this space for like 3 weeks or so…. But I really wana tell you girls I think it was quite a dark phase of my lifeLike in movies they show… you are all depressed and you don’t know what to do where to go!! Yeah.. I was on the verge of quitting my job as I really wanted to have some time and then I couldn’tthen I was so demotivated .. I don’t know if that is any word but you know what I meanthat I couldn’t write or do anything for my passion!! It has been almost 1 and half years working and I have to tell you I guess I haven’t accepted it yet!!! I was feeling very lonely and homesick.. .Especially after being back from home!! All my friends are scattered and I felt I was lagging behind somewhere!!….

No this post is not about cribbing but I had to tell u guys as you guys have become so close to me these days andyou are kind of family here….:D

But now that I am back I am going to make a lot of changesand hopefully for better!!

I am so bored of the way I review stuff.. I am going to change that and will make it more interesting and not the old school style!! I am sure you guys have missed me much… I love you all and I am soo sooo soooooooo thankful that u girls have showed so much of love to me!! I really appreciate it from bottom of my heart!!

And lastly something that motivated me to write this post!!


I so much believe in these words and I admire her ….

So guysI am finally back and with a bang!!!!

Ps:- Picture courtesy google!!

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