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Back Again

By Myfilmproject09

Finally back from a lot of work on my laptop, eventually had to let it go and go to something a little big faster. Or they say so? So where was I?

Still having problems with my Ghostkeeper movie which I wrote and directed way back in 1983. Those of you who are wondering "I'm that old?" What about this, I had my first "laptop" that came from a video game called Atari which was one of the gaming companies for teenagers. And this was the big deal. Before this we (all screenwriters) slowly began to realize that this could be a great thing.

Here's how I worked.  I was typing on paper. Imagine that. And if you missed a word you would have to re-do your entire by the classic typewriters. If you spelled a word wrong you had to re-type it again. 

We thought this was the deal.

One of my friends was one of the first "laptop" which consisting of 2 screens. One for typing and one for giving you words. This was incredible. I would be able to type words electrically. I could change a bad word easily and the newer ones where even faster.

It was beating the typewriter by miles. I could write and make a mistake and correct it. In the old days I had to erase a word or even a sentence, or a whole page for one error. I had a newer one now and stash my Smith-Corona for ever. I had now was using the new screenwriter that I could read anything and if I made a mistake I simply pop the word out and re-do it in seconds.

So that's finishing finally. Now I can get back as long as my partially new laptop. 

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