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Back A Head Again

By Myfilmproject09

Well, I am back again after handling all the of the world going through and wondering if I will ever write again, or at least reading some of my screenplays both made and still waiting for someone to read some of those scripts that I think are good, or at least not bad. I have helped a writer who has written a few screenplays and one in particular  of which I think has a good story that can find some readers. It has a wonderful story about the wild west in a way I never would have seen. And now it made some me push a little in a few screenplays that I should be working on them. 

And it tells me that I should start working on clearing a few screenplays that I should have started to write a long time ago. Laziness is an enemy and I have spent too much time watching old movies rather than writing stories that I have been waiting for. Well, I might have consider one script that I spent a lot of time on it with a lot of way back that really had a family story about two people who find themselves from the time they met and left each other. Twice. And it started by the two would have married and then left and found them selves together the beginning to now.

And it will bring two people together from the beginning and then a possible again.

Well, maybe.

 The Free Days Of Our Life

It seems so strange to relive the free days of our life. I try to understand what it was like and the different life we lived Was  a wonderful time. We are fortunate to have lived the life we did in that era.

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