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Baalbek, the Ancient Temple in Lebanon

By Matthewthompson @MatthewTNY

In Lebanon not far from the border with Syria the one of the most mysterious places of the planet is situated. It is called Baalbek temple. In the ancient time that place was supposed to be the holy one and possess the concentrated mystical energy.

Baalbek, the Ancient Temple in Lebanon

But ll the ages, wars and earthquakes didn’t manage to deprive Baalbek of its splendor and secret. Today this colossal building strikes the tourists imagination with its columns and stone bricks as well as giant stairs which is supposed to be the biggest one in the world.

The legend about creating that enormous building lead us back to the depth of the ancient history. The large stone platforms are supposed to be the natural relief of the area which was used in the process of building the temple as the single footing. According to the statements of the archeologists and historians the first purpose of this building was to serve as the place of worship Baal, an ancient Tyrian god. The name Baal still can be recognize in the toponym Baalbek. After the severe earthquake the part of the original temple had been destroyed but the whole construction was renovated. With the invasion of the Greek the temple became the sanctuary of Helios, the god of the Sun. During the epoch of the Roman empire the temple was reconstructed and turned into the Jupiter temple. The minor temples of Venus and Bacchus were built nearby.

Baalbek, the Ancient Temple in Lebanon

Today Baalbek is the small town in Lebanon and the great temple lies in ruins. But even the ruins continue surprising and astonishing the people coming to see the ancient place of the power.

Each pace of the world’s widest stairs provides enough place for a row of a hundred people. The steps are not attached to each other but are cut out from the solid massive stone platform.

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