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Avengers Nail Series: Thor

By Misspenelope90 @MissPenelope90
hey everyone,
so next up in this series is Thor, now looking on Google and things there is not one nail art design dedicated to Thor what-so-ever,
so with this i had to go off my own imagination and hopefully its come out ok
avengers nail series: thor
i have used all Barry m products where possible because i think they are so good for nail art, and they are:
  • Barry m raspberry
  • Barry m silver foil effect
  • Barry m cobalt blue
avengers nail series: thor
first step: paint all your nails the same colours, i used Barry m's raspberry
avengers nail series: thor
second step:  wait till it FULLY dry's, really important!! and then place some celotape diagonally along your nails each side so it creates a v shape, miss the middle finger out though, we will put a design on that.
avengers nail series: thor
third step: paint the v shape with the Barry m silver foil effect and let it dry, peel it off when dry. avengers nail series: thor avengers nail series: thor
forth step: with the middle finger i took my dotting tool, dipped it in the silver and made a sideways rectangle, i then mixed the red and blue together to create kind of a dark brown color and used the dotting tool to make a long rectangle in the middle of the silver one, so it makes it look like his hammer, then i waited for it to dry and then added a little zig-zag to the brown section. hopefully it look like a hammer.
and thats it, quite simple, only 3 colours so hopefully very easy to re-create, hope you like, and tell me what you think?
avengers nail series: thor
xxx avengers nail series: thor

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