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Autumn Home Style | Reading Nook Essentials with Wilko Shrewsbury

By Angela @daisyangel1
Reading Nook Essentials Autumn Home Style Wilko

Autumn has arrived, it's like someone has just flipped a switch. Gone are the long warm sunny days, hello to fresh mornings, autumn colours and cool dark evening. Just like the change happening outside I felt it was time to add some balance inside my home - with the addition of a cosy reading nook.  

Reading has become one of my favorite ways to relax over the last few years, losing myself in a good book - nothing beats it for escapism. Recently I was asked if I would like to visit the new Wilko store in Shrewsbury, well as a Shropshire gal how could I resist. I love Shrewsbury and love Wilko and I knew they would be a great shop to create myself the perfect reading nook. 

Reading Nook Essentials Autumn Home Style Wilko

Adding some glamour to my bookshelf with some home accessories and stationery from Wilko Shrewsbury 

So I gave some thought to what would make for a great reading nook. I wanted to create an area that would make me feel cosy, calm  and relaxed, maybe even thoughtful. A place to escape to, take a mug of hot chocolate and while away time. No, not while away time but invest time in me, in my well being. I am as important as any item waiting for my attention on my to do list. So you see it is not just a case of flicking through a magazine, reading a novel, or listening to an audio book. It is experiencing it, creating an area in your  home to embrace the enjoyment reading gives. 
Reading Nook Essentials Wilko Homestyle Autumn

My Reading Nook Essentials... 

  • Books 
  • Cosy Throw
  • Mood lighting
  • Cushion
  • Hot chocolate mug 
  • Scented candles
  • Fairy lights
  • Notebook
  • Peg board
  • Photo frame
  • Bluetooth headphones
  • Fluffy socks
  • Sweeties

Autumn home styling wilko shrewsbury

Goals planner notebook £3, geometric tea light holder £4,
 pencils £1

List in one hand (I'm a list lover!) and gift card in the other I headed off to Shrewsbury. I found myself the cosiest silver gray waffle throw, I fell for the hummingbird design cushion with its pop of color. Accessories I choose had an equally vibrant theme included the lustre geometric tea light holder, which I will use as a pencil pot. Love books, love stationery...surely that goes hand in hand.

Cosy Reading Nook items

Hummingbird cushion £7, Waffle Throw £10, bluetooth headphones £9, ceramic house lamp £15, winter wonderland fairy lights £6, mini pastel notepad £1, set of 3 glass tea light holders £1, dinner plate charger £2.50

reading nook essentials items

cat mug £2.50,  mini pastel notepad £1, set of 3 glass tea light holders £1, ceramic house lamp £15, pencils £1

As for lighting, I selected a cosy house lamp and some pretty silver globe fairy lights. The house lamp I thought created a great focal point so not just functional. Over on my Instagram stories I asked those of you watching to help me choose a lamp, I was very pleased when the majority vote went to this house lamp. 

There is no shortage of Wilko candles to choose from, perfect for creating not just a soft light the scented candles help to create a relaxing atmosphere too. Deciding on which scent to choose was probably the most time consuming part of shopping. Is it just me that likes smelling every candle and not being able to make a decision as I like so many! 

audio book headphones reading nook

Waffle throw £10, Bluetooth headphones £9 

Recently I discovered that I can download audio books free on the app from my local library. I have tried listening to them on my tablet but find I get distracted and lose interest in listening to the story. I've noticed on Instagram that many of my audio book reading friends use headphones. I was really surprised to find some headphones at Wilko, so I could not believe it when I spotted a pair of chargeable white bluetooth headphones. No wires, none! It really is a revelation, I don't even have to have my device in the same room once I have started the audio book playing, I can chill out and listen to the book without anything distracting me.

Reading Nook Essentials items

Wilko Treasure Letter Board £6, Oil burner £3.50, glass tea light (set of 3) £1, candle in tin £3

Autumn Home Style | Reading Nook Essentials with Wilko Shrewsbury

Blue Fusion mug £2.50,  winter wonderland fairy lights £6, hummingbird cushion £7, waffle throw £10

Home Accessory Styling Cheat
Here is a great styling tip...I needed something smaller than a tray to pop my notepad and sweets on, when I spotted a dinner plate  with a lip on - I knew it would make the perfect charger. It works really well, I may pop back for the smaller side plate version to use on my dressing table in my bedroom. 

Reading Nook Essentials items

 mini pastel notepad £1, set of 3 glass tea light holders £1, ceramic house lamp £15

There was one last place in store that I needed to visit - the sweetie aisle. Well what is a reading nook without a bowl full of jelly beans!I managed to get all these items (except for the fluffy socks) including light bulbs, more candles and sweets for £100. 

Picture the scene...snugly warm with my throw, hot chocolate and treats within reach and a good book in my hand. Relax and enjoy.  

Wilko Shrewsbury Pride Hill

Wilko in Shrewsbury opened it's new store in Pride Hill Shopping Centre in July 2018, it also has a very convent entrance directly outside at Mardol. They have good selection of home ware, beauty, diy, children's toys, stationery and garden products along with season items. I have to say the staff had much fun wrapping up some of the more fragile purchases, lucky for me they had plenty of protective sheets of paper. 

Disclosure: Big shout to Wilko Shrewsbury for helping me create my place to Reading Nook by providing me with a gift card, all items featured are Wilko own brand.

I have my reading nook but what key item would make it into your reading nook? Let me know in the comments below...

creating a reading nook

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