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Author’s Risk is Sharp, 7 Steps to Improve

Posted on the 18 May 2012 by Maria Snyder @MariaConsulting

Maria Snyder, that’s me. I smile as I say: I’m a Mom, Daughter, Wife, Friend, CPA, social media manager and author extraordinaire all rolled into one. Yes these are listed in somewhat of an order. My life has priorities some titles are more important than others.


I Google myself once and a while, no I am not selfish.  I just need to see who my competition is.


There are two other Maria Snyder’s — omg I know right, wait till Mom hears!


I’ve emailed both Maria’s to say “hello, I’m the other non famous Maria Snyder, the Mom, Daughter, Wife, Friend, CPA, social media manager and author extraordinaire”.  Scarily both were authors too, one a former super model, yeesh both have a Wikipedia Page!  Note to self, add to my immediate to do list: get a Wikipedia Page about me STAT.


What’s a girl to do but to seek improvement.  I’m a self starting boot strapping smart woman and here are some of the steps I took to make sure I get noticed somewhere in the mix of the other Maria Snyder’s out there.

  • Brand Your “click here” is a website for online reputation management.  Open a free account then upgrade now, don’t wait.

  • Set up Google alerts to find out where and when my name is mentioned on the web

  • Brag about yourself publicly on the web, get other people to do it too

  • Put my direct name on all social profiles, that seems obvious yet it’s often neglected

  • Engaged my social peers, ask for engagement, seek a core network to help spread the message of YOU

  • Written fresh quality blog posts featuring tips, sources and valuable content in my social media niche

  • I emailed each of the others with a short note, they didn’t respond I made the first move and did not expect a response anyway


So that is it. End of story, I’ll update with any response I receive from them.


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