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Australia – The Great Burn up Continues

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Australia – The great burn up continues

Watching the awful pictures of the past couple of months out in Australia and the record temperatures being recorded there, it set my mind wondering what is causing the extremes that the Aussie nation is experiencing, especially in Astrological terms. Now we all know about climate change, and that will not be helping things. In the UK where I live there seems to be non stop rain and the river levels are creeping higher and higher. In Australia, the smoke from bush fires are blanking out the sky in Sydney and the city is on constant alert.

Australia – The great burn up continues

So what may be causing this from an Astrology standpoint? The Aussie chart I use stems from 1 st January 1901 at 13.35 hrs, this is the one used by Jamie Partridge, one of my Astrology colleagues who lives in Australia. That chart is ruled by Aries and thus linked to Mars, the planet of fire, and on it Mars sits in the 5th house square to Uranus, Venus and Pluto, that is destructive in itself (and also explains the Australian love of the outdoors and sport in particular) and Mars also makes trines to the Sun and Saturn, showing a love of an independent pioneering spirit in all Australians (their politicians seems very fiesty too!!) . Mars for certain is a huge influence over this chart, and the scorching of the earth Mars through the trine to Sun and Saturn is very prevalent, as is the red colour of the earth in that part of the world (very Martian).

Australia – The great burn up continues

Now on the transits chart, nothis stands out so much in terms of aspects, apart from a square from transiting Uranus now at 2 degrees Taurus to the Midheaven/IC axis at 2 degrees Aquarius. Now this is risky and shows the potential for unexpected events to the homeland as well as the the administration of the nation and the public. You can expect the nation to be on high alert for shocks and surprise events, both to the land of the nation as well as to the public and those who run the government.

Looking at the progressed chart though and things start to open out and explain themselves. The culprit as I see things is the Australian progressed Mars. It is moving in the Australian 4th house at 26 degrees Leo and it is making 5 closing trine and sextile aspects - trines to the Ascendant at 29 Aries, Jupiter at 26 degrees Sagittarius, Mercury at 27 degrees Sagittarius, Chiron at 28 Sagittarius and a sextile to Neptune at 28 Gemini. All these planets are in fire and air signs and all are dangerous connections to the spread of fire. The Ascendant is the nation itself, Jupiter expands, Mercury moves, Chiron wounds and Neptune brings chaos and an untamed free element to things. Through these slow moving connections and they will be active for years to come, you can understand how bushfires (Mars) could spread, and with Uranus bringing the spark of unexpected events on the transiting charts, I believe that Astrology does go some way to explaining why the fires this year and the temperatures have got so out of control down in Australia.

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