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Audible1 Ft Adjua ‘Good Time Rhymes’

Posted on the 04 July 2014 by Thatswhatsheheard @sheheardblog

Audible 1 and Adjua

I listened to this song before stepping out of the house this morning and wasn’t convinced by it. Bearing in mind it was about 7am and I had a busy day ahead of me, I decided to give it another listen at the end of the day.

On putting it on at the end of a nice summer’s day, all I could think of, was the need for an ice cold beer in my hand. Once that Reggae bass line hit, I just wanted to sit back, relax and enjoy the music. Adjua’s laidback carefree sounding vocals invite you to “pick your feet up off the ground” and to “elevate with good time sound” and all the while being punctuated by Audible1′s vocals.

By the time the verse started I was too busy just enjoying the song to bother trying to figure out where the horns came in, or what the guitar was doing, or what other instrumentation there was. Musically, this song seems to have taken the ‘less is more’ mindset. And this works for Good Time Rhymes. No single instrument overpowers the track. Rather, all are layered in such a way that they only help to convince the listener to just ease back and enjoy “the Good Time Rhymes”

Audible1′s rapping, somehow made to seem easy (despite the speed of delivery) as well as the serene vocals of Adjua all delivered on top of a laidback groove help to make this a great song to summer the summer to.

Verdict: Grab a few beers, hit a beach/a park, lay back in the sun with a few friends and enjoy. Summer is here.


Audible 1 is predominately a touring artist, known as an MC, DJ and beat-boxer. He’s also a producer, influenced by Bobby McFerrin, Amy Winehouse, Fat Freddy drop, to name but a few.

Adjua is a singer/songwriterand the front woman for the band Zuri Aura. Known for her captivating stage demeanour and thought-provoking lyrics.

Find out more about Audible 1:
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And Adjua from Zuri Aura:
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