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at First Sight

By Beersting @beersting

Although he wanted to go talk to her, Sushant could not bring himself to interrupt such a beauty. It was not the kind of beauty that lies in the eye of beholder, it was the beauty that glanced by any pair of eyes would look as beautiful. Her well-toned body posture moved childlike yet calmly, talking to her friend and making different hand movements. Her beauty was breathtaking and so was her lively spirit. Sushant knew that she would be angry at him for gazing bluntly at her without letting her know but his teenage first-year-in-the-college soul didn’t care of any such consequences and continued living the moments. He was not sure if Axl Rose had someone similar to her in his mind when he sang the song ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’. Her eyes sparkled and reminded him of the bluest sky, vast with beauty and mystery. A slight breeze dazed through her long mane, spreading the sweet cologne in the air. During that moment of visual euphoria, Sushant knew that she was the one girl he would never be able to forget. Their eyes got into direct contact. She must have heard me, he though as she started moving toward him. The sweet smell grew stronger in the dense air as she moved toward him. He never meant to disturb her just to enjoy her beauty. Her lips smiled when she got close enough to him. She moved her head suddenly as to caress his face by her hair and all he could see was her dark jet black hairs all over his face.


Sushant woke up to the smell of cologne the girl was wearing who came and sat next to him in the library, the feeling put a smile on his face, a satisfying happiness overwhelmed all his emotions. The past three hours had been spent in books and boredom induced coma which he preferred over normal sleep. Night sleep was a rarity as it was his final semester of college and he had to wrap up many stuffs before leaving the college. The only thing that kept him all working and lively was memories of his time spent with Surabhi. It was almost six in the evening and he came back to his room. It was messy and all the stuffs were  at just the most wrong place it could be. He just fell on the bed and reached his hand to the mini fridge beside it for the cold drink. There were no bottles, only thing left were the chocolate cornetto. He took one and started enjoying it. He knew he had to complete the paper on VLSI that very day but he was not into right mood. The chocolate aroma took over his mood and made him forget everything else.

“Why are you not working on your paper?”, asked Surabhi putting on a concerned face.

“I’m just not feeling like it.”, was Sushant’s carefree reply.

“You know that tomorrow’s the last date to submit it.”

“Yeah! but I’ve more than 12 hours in my hand that would be more than enough.”

“Didn’t you said the same thing last time and fell asleep at the middle and your grade had to suffer because of it.”, was Surabhi’s comeback. She could be a really good lawyer, Sushant thought.

“I’m a changed person now.”, Sushant replied with a smirk.

“I don’t have a reason to believe that.”

Aren’t girls supposed to think by heart than brain, was Sushant’s flow of thought, I guess she’s different.

“Okay, I’ll be working now but I’m feeling all tired and alone.”

“I knew you would come up with such excuse so I brought you a box of chocolate ice-cream and I’m here to help you through out the night.”

“Okay”, said Sushant with almost no enthusiasm what so ever.

“I won. Let’s work.”, Surabhi exclaimed happily jumping up and down eating her favorite chocolate flavored ice-cream.

She won, yeah if she want to win like this I’ll be more than happy to let her win at every moment of my life, was Sushant’s thought.

Sushant’s cornetto got over and so was his chocolate aroma induced dream.

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