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Astrology of the Lunar Eclipse of April 2014 – An Emotional Pressure Cooker

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


In April 2014 we move into the next eclipse season with a Lunar eclipse on the 15th April followed swiftly afterwards by a Solar Eclipse two weeks later on the 29th. Eclipses of the Sun and the Moon are enhanced new and full Moons and during the event the light of the Sun or the Moon are extinguished either partly or sometimes totally. These powerful events in days past brought fear and trepidation to all who saw them, as the life and warmth giving properties of the Sun and the calming and light giving properties of the Moon at night plunged everything around into darkness. This particular Lunar eclipse is going to be quite a spectacular one as if you look up as it occurs, the Moon will turn blood red. Eclipses do set the scene for the following few months, and possibly longer as they trigger new cycles of energy into motion. Where the eclipses land on the Astrology chart various life themes are activated, new energy floods in through one eclipse and old energy seeps away with the other. It is a constant long running cycle, just like the tides of the seas, the seasons through the year, of the bringing of joyful new life and the pain and suffering in death.

The lunar and solar eclipses of Spring 2014 are going to be some of the more significant ones in recent times as they occur straddling the culmination of Grand Cardinal Cross that I wrote about just a couple of days ago. As you will see in this series of articles there is a nice and neat synergy about these two upcoming eclipses that will help to push things along and enact long needed change into all our lives. The first one that I examine is the Lunar eclipse in the sign of Libra.



The Lunar eclipse comes along first on the 15th April and potentially this will be the most potent of the two this season as it occurs before the Cardinal Cross culminates on the 23rd April thus pressure is continuing to build as the eclipse hits. As you will appreciate, the lead up to any aspect as the energies are increasing is far more effective than once the aspect has peaked and the energy is being released, indeed this eclipse in turning up the heat of the stew that is cooking in the skies above us could literally blast the lid off the pressure cooker!! Believe me, it is that intense!!

We have the Cardinal Cross being formed by the planets of change, revolution, expansion and force joined by Mercury the planet of communication and the mind which makes a close conjunction with Uranus. This cross sets the background scene and the Lunar eclipse enhances the picture further. This eclipse land in Libra, the sign of relationships and so the Aries polarity of our individual desires as opposed to relating to others and what they want is going to be key to what happens now. Notice that this is a North Node Lunar Eclipse, the North Node accompanies the Moon and so we have new energy flooding into the cycle that I previously mentioned. Being widely conjunct to Mars in retrograde, what is revealed now in regard to relationship issues in your lives and around the world may cause a lot of anger and frustration; because this is a lunar eclipse our emotions are likely to be heightened too.

The Cardinal Cross I believe is initiating a new era, it is expansionist, it provides unexpected and unusual even revolutionary turns of events and ideas. In combination with this Lunar eclipse I think it will either transform what we know into something fresh and new, or it will bring about completely radical ideas, concepts or partnerships that will allow us to go in different directions. Eclipse energy is not easy though, and there may be a lot of disruption and maybe emotional stress before we realize that what is presented in front of us is actually beneficial.

With all eclipses and full Moons and eclipses, there is heightened energy and there is a more pressure and intensity around connected to this one as Pluto on the day turns retrograde, it is stationing as it occurs!! Pluto’s effects will at their most intense as well as being tied into this cardinal structure, and one can only imagine what this may bring. I can envisage scenes of potential brutality, secret deals, manipulation and there may be the danger of destruction on a wide scale somewhere on planet earth in the wake of this eclipse. Just looking at the AstroCartography of the moment, Pluto on the Ascendant and Descendant passes through Canada and the center of the United States on a track from Minnesota to Nevada and Arizona and into the Baja region of Mexico. In the other direction, Pluto goes through Scandinavia, Poland, Ukraine, Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and the horn of Africa. Pluto on the Midheaven just touches the western edge of Brazil and on the IC it runs through Eastern Australia, PNG, and passes just to the east of the Japanese coastline.

This Lunar eclipse lands on the fixed star Arcturus in the constellation of Bootes, so there is another sub-plot hiding behind all the aspects on the chart. Bootes as a constellation is one of the oldest named ones and it symbolises man’s progression from the hunter and gatherer to the farmer who cultivated his own lifestyle, this this is an eclipse of progression, of moving from one level to the next. Seeing as it is combined with the Cardinal Cross this is a very powerful sign that one era is ending and a new one is beginning. The particular conjunction between the Moon and Arcturus indicates a desire to either gain for yourself or to help others gain a new lifestyle and it also embodies a compassionate edge in looking after the health and welfare of others, a set of principles that also contained elsewhere on this eclipse chart that I will soon explore.

The conjunction of Mercury and Uranus also hit fixed stars. Mercury is conjunct to both Alpheratz and Alderamin and Uranus connects with the latter of these two as well. Alderamin is the main star in the constellation of Cepheus, the King, and this brings a strong focus on the leaders of the world. I get the feeling that the decisions made now by those who control our destines will have long and far reaching effects. Uranus conjunct to Alderamin can bring forward new leaders who are socially popular, but it also may possibly see sudden changes in rulership of nations or the sudden death of prominent people. In conjunction with Mercury those who remain popular will hold the high moral ground and will not rise to provocation. Mercury’s connection to Alpheratz is more of a wildcard connection. Alpheratz sits in the constellation of Andromeda, the princess and this aspect is connected to speed, movement and independent action. We may see those in charge being tempted to be outspoken and acting in a reckless manner. My feeling is that those who succumb to the temptations of Alpheratz conjunct to Mercury will suffer in the future and may lose their influence. As this conjunction is part of the whole cardinal cross, there is a distinct possibility of accidents connected to either vehicles or speed and people being headstrong and out of control.  

Neptune and Venus, exalted in Pisces brings a softer, intuitive and compassionate side that is sorely needed to balance off the harsher energies in the cross, and through the trine to Jupiter there will be a feeling that through all the troubles and tribulations that this turbulent time may bring, if you concentrate on your faith and spiritual beliefs whatever they may be, then they will hold us up firm while all around may be spinning out of control. This aspect like the Moon Arcturus conjunction shows a spirit of generosity and a selfless side in giving up your own time to assist others.

One other position on this chart intrigues me as you will notice that Saturn is unconnected to the rest of the chart. What does this mean? I have heard two theories about unaspected planets in that either they are weak and ineffectual, or they gain in strength? I tend to take the latter view and Saturn in Scorpio is completely uncompromising. I feel that the rule of law will apply in the wake of the eclipse and the decisions you take under it. If you decide to knuckle down and work hard, be honest and true to yourself, you respect those around you and you take the long route instead of taking short cuts then you will be fine, but if you try to buck the system, you are deceitful or try to take the easy way out, then Saturn will make you pay a heavy, heavy price.

As you can see, this Lunar eclipse promises to be a really eventful one and an important milestone in 2014. in some way you will be affected by the intense emotional nature of this event and the cardinal houses on your chart (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) will dictate how you will be affected by it as it arrives.

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