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Astrology of the Day - Wednesday 29th November 2017

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Astrology of the Day - Wednesday 29th November 2017

The Moon is in all action Aries for the whole of today and we may have a sense of freshness and ambition around us. The Moon in Aries steps forwards first, we need to achieve and do well, be faster, stronger and better than the rest. We may be hasty and act without thinking and that attitude could see us getting into trouble because we didn't think ahead first. Such is Aries, if you don't buy the ticket, you'll never win the lottery.

We are in a very jaunty mood today as the first aspect the Moon encounters is a fire trine to the Sun in Sagittarius. Our energies and emotions are in sync and we can coordinate whatever we do well this morning. The enthusiasm and emotion for us to achieve crackles and burns, and for sure we'll let everyone know about our desires and plans. Later on the Moon starts to make an inconjunct aspect to Jupiter in Scorpio and here we may fall off the rails a little. Jupiter in this sign wants so much to experience everything and our emotions to achieve may literally take over all sense and rationality.

We may race ahead now too quickly, and in the void forget to make sure first that what we were trying to achieve was even possible. The Moon in Aries with the assistance of Jupiter is headstrong at the best of times, and we race headlong through the day until it encounters Pluto in a testing square. Pluto is power and the truth, and now the Lord of the underworld will intervene. There is intense force impacting upon our emotions, it is questioning our actions, and forcing us to halt and change. This creates a lot of tension.

This Moon under duress is now coming into a very tense formation as it is beginning to approach Uranus which itself is opposed to Mars. As I mentioned yesterday, Mars opposed to Uranus is a potentially explosive combination and adding in the Moon and Pluto we have a build up of stressful cardinal energy. More of this tomorrow as this formation starts to close in however we will sense the explosive stand off between Mars and Uranus tied into the impulsive emotions of the Aries Moon and at odds to the brutal transformational force of Pluto. Pressure is building and building, and at some point the steam will have to be let out...

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