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Astrology of the Day - Tuesday 12th December 2017

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Astrology of the Day - Tuesday 12th December 2017

The Moon continues in the sign of the scales, Libra throughout Tuesday and there will be a need to relate to others, to connect and not to be alone. Librans like to bounce their ideas off someone else, and because that need is so strong, they will go to almost any lengths not to to upset their other half. Our emotions are to keep the peace if it is possible, and to ensure an comfortable atmosphere with them at all costs.

There is uncertainty and a bit of worry as we begin this day as the Moon makes a difficult inconjunct connection to Neptune. Neptune confuses and confounds, and the situations that we find ourselves in will breed uncertainty. Are we being told the truth, is someone hiding a secret or does someone have an agenda against us may all be questions that pass your mind. Fortunately an easier sextile to Venus is on hand to soften the mood around us. This caring little connection brings us a bit of love and thoughtfulness to brighten us up. There is extra power to this link as the Moon in one of the signs that Venus rules.

The next connection that the Moon forms is a square to Pluto. This is an aspect of emotional obsession and great intensity, and you might feel that someone is trying to overpower you emotionally. Pluto works on many levels, and it is also possible that your emotions are being worked on in a very subtle and manipulative manner, without you realising. You may be magnetically drawn to a situation or a person, or you may feel determined to make your mark on someone - depending how this energy works on your character. You can get to the heart of any problem now and there will be no half measures during the middle of the day as this aspect is active. It's likely that you'll want nothing less than your own will to be respected, and to make a difference.

The Moon follows on to make a double sextile to the Sun and Mercury, which is retrograde in Sagittarius. There is much harmony here and you will feel more at ease with yourself the longer the day does on. The Moon in Libra's sextile to Mercury retrograde is great for listening to other people's issues and problems and for suggesting solutions and strategies that may help someone else. Mercury retrograde is considerate and won't speak out of turn before thinking about the issues first, so if asked to assist, you can make a difference. Finally Mercury is still passing back over the star Ras Alhague, therefore matters of social care, health, teaching and education and reviewing performance in these sectors may be still in the news, and concerning us all. Public scrutiny in all areas of people's of ethical rights will be important, and decisions concerning them may face overturning or review. In short, this is a day where we are here to help and take control of anyone's problems, and to give them our time, our love and our expertise.

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