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Astrology of the Day – New Moon in Scorpio - Saturday 18th November 2017

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Astrology of the Day – New Moon in Scorpio - Saturday 18th November 2017

The Moon ends its passage through the murky realms of Scorpio today but before it moves into the lighter and more expansive sign of Sagittarius this evening, we have a brand New Moon to experience. All New Moons bring about the start of a new cycle and this one is linked to deep transformational change, sharing and where we can fully take control of a situation, maybe for the first time in a long time. For today our emotions are very much intensified inside us, you may feel internally as if you want to explode but you know it's best to keep a lid on any frustrations. They may come out later in the day as the Moon moves into Sagittarius. Here the truth is let out, no matter how brutal it is, and through it you can start to set a brand new path for yourself. There will be much more openness later on, and you may find that this time around there is a delayed reaction to situations. I say this, you will feel much better if you can free up all that repressed emotion, and it will feel like a weight being lifted off your shoulders if you do.

In conjunction with this New Moon we have two aspects that are operating. There is an inconjunct aspect to Uranus carried over from yesterday that is connecting this new Moon to a change in your circumstances. You will have to make an adjustment to your life, continuing on this year of updating circumstances for us all. The New Moon also forms a trine to Chiron, the wounded healer and this helps us to learn lessons of the past and to find a solution to any emotionally upsetting or restricting parts of our life that we must now leave behind. This could be a situation, a person or people that may have served a purpose for us but now through this uncompromising New Moon it is the time to step forward.

As for the individual effect for this New Moon then if you know your Ascendant sign, (that's related to the time that you were born) then it's arrival will affect you in the following ways. Please note, if you know that your Ascendant is in the last 5 degrees of the sign, then please read the next sign along, as it may well be much more accurate for you...
Aries - The New Moon triggers changes in all matters linked to sharing, this could involve finances, other people's possessions or things loaned to you, and other people's values including those who you love. Intimate relationships may have to take a new course now, and you may find that opening your mind to new experiences may freshen your relationship up. Secrets may come to light that ultimately change your perceptions of people in positions of power and influence. Watch out for those who unexpectedly try to manipulate your point of view, there may be flashpoints occurring linked to them.
Taurus - The Scorpio New Moon is operating in the part of your chart connected to relationship and partnerships matters. If you are in an existing relationship then I sense that by adjusting your attitudes and giving your partner a bit more freedom you can invigorate things and improve. If you are single, then you may be able to attract a new love interest into your life, in particular keep an eye out for people in your workplace!! In regard to your relationship with people who openly oppose your views, then you may be able to bury the hatchet, but not before you swallow some pride and accept that maybe you made some mistakes too.
Gemini - Your attention should be turned towards your everyday work and how you relate to colleagues and bosses. You may have to cooperate with new people at work and/or adjust to new group and team situations. This may cause tensions especially if you are taking on roles that seem alien or difficult to master. The New Moon also shines a light on your health and welfare and the link to Uranus asks you to read up on, learn and open yourself out to new ways for you to look after yourself, be it through diet, general fitness or finding ways to combat stress and any anxiety that you may suffer from.
Cancer - This Scorpio New Moon lands in the house concerned with your individual talents and creative spirit and in keeping with the sense of renewal that it brings you may find enjoyment from taking up new hobbies, or taking up an interest that allows your talents to flourish. In regard to children you might have to deal with a situation connected to your work or a public situation, and this applies too to lovers and your love life. Existing relationship situations may be played out in the full view of your friends and work colleagues, and you may have to adjust to being the centre of attention, when maybe you wished it wasn't so apparent?
Leo - For those with a Leo Ascendant the New Moon will emphasise matters of family life. Scorpio is a sign of transformation and in some way a new start will be needed domestically, whether that means adjusting your attitudes to parents, starting a home renovation or redecoration programme, sorting out the garden or back yard, getting a new housemate or even moving home. There may be abrupt beginnings and endings that you have to deal with, and the chance to set a new course and start again may come to pass. Your attitude to women's issues may change because of this New Moon.
Virgo - The New Moon is affecting communications and local issues in the coming weeks. This involves the way you think, how and who you speak with, written documents, contracts, letters and emails too. It will be likely that some kind of ultimatum will be issued, or you may enter into a debate with someone who has very different views to yours. Unexpected requests or calls on your time may disrupt your plans, and you may have to make unplanned for journeys and trips to new places. Matters connected to brothers, sisters and young people could be important.
Libra - Situations connected to your business dealings, finances and the way that you earn income will be in the forefront of your thoughts now. It could be that you are having to make difficult decisions in what you spend your hard earned cash on, and what you cut out of your life. You may also have to adjust to the needs of a partner or someone you work with or alongside, and their decisions may affect how much you have to spend. You may feel like asking for a pay rise, or going out and buying something that is a little different and unique? Your sense of personal values are shifting and you will have to think about these in a new way to progress.
Scorpio - This New Moon is all about you. You'll feel more confident and full of beans and willing to put yourself in the spotlight however a difficult work or health situation will be preventing you from really progressing. There needs to be adjustments on that front before you can really shine. How you look will be important, so why not your appearance and try out a new style? Taking care of your appearance will boost your confidence, and it will aid your relationships with others too. It's time to step out of the shadows, and put yourself in the shop window.
Sagittarius - Sometimes one needs a little peace and quiet and as this New Moon lands in the most hidden part of your chart, finding your own personal space to work and relax away from the demands of everyday life may be a priority for you. This might be difficult because of the needs of someone you love, children in your life or a commitment to a hobby or out of work activity that needs your attention. Matters linked to charity hospitals and clinics may feature in your life, and an unexpected sacrifice you decide to make may start you off in a new direction.
Capricorn - Everyone has hopes and dreams and this New Moon may be a moment when you can start to kick start them, however you will have to get your family and loved ones to fully understand your plans before you can proceed. Anything linked to group activities and social concerns may be of importance and you may be getting more involved in situations where your particular talents come in useful for the greater good of everyone. Matters linked to friends are important too, and we all need a good social life to complement the work that we do, don't we? Why not try to get out and see someone you haven't seen in a while?
Aquarius - For all of you with an Aquarian Ascendant, it's time to concentrate on work and career matters. You may have to get used to different practices or upgrades in technology, and this may take a little adjustment to get up and running properly. Indeed your job should start to take on new importance in your life, and maybe you can make a real impression on bosses and senior people through your committed approach to things. This New Moon also boosts how you are perceived in public, and you may start to get noticed or find yourself in the spotlight in some way?
Pisces - This is a moment when learning something new will stimulate your mind. You may be drawn to educational courses or booking a trip far away, but as with all these suggestions, money is always a consideration and you may have to budget to afford the fees involved. Your faith and belief systems as well as your attitudes to diversity and culture will be tested and it would serve you well to take on a more considerate attitude to these matters. You may be involved with people who come from a different point of view or culture too. You may be involved in legal matters at this time, and issues affecting your in-laws may come to your attention.

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