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Astrology of the Day – Moon into Leo - Tuesday 30th January 2018

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

The Moon is in Cancer for most of today, and we may feel just a bit moody because of this, at least until this evening. We also may feel rather sentimental too as the Moon and this sign is linked to our heritage, where we come from, and who we are related too. This is a time when we are more tied into our family and those who are close to us, and also we may be less inclined to go out and about if there is a chance of a day or evening in the comfort of our own homes.

The day starts off with an opposition to Pluto and we may have to deal with people with power over us, matters to do with big finance, taxes, investments or things that have been lent or loaned. There is a possibility that we may have to change our planned course of action because of pressure or manipulation being placed on us. This aspect is followed by an adventurous trine to Jupiter and a square to Uranus. There will be a feeling of relief and almost a weight off our shoulders and a sense of freedom with these aspects following the one from Pluto. There is a release for us now and a desire to break free and maybe do something more adventurous.

The Moon in the middle of the day forms a trine to Chiron and an opposition to Mercury. The Chiron aspect is quite adventurous too and it brings out our talents through our emotions, we will be most effective now when we feel what is right. That sense of know what is right for us and what isn't may be useful as the Moon then makes an opposition to Mercury. This opposition sees a rather stern Mercury in Capricorn questioning us and instead of giving the straight answers that Mercury wants, we may go round the houses and do everything we can to avoid the issues at hand. This could lead to confrontation, however we may just be able to hit the right emotional balance to keep disagreements to a minimum. Maybe our boss wants us to stay late at work, whereas we'd rather go home?

The Moon then moves into Leo and makes a fiery trine to Mars. There is a need for action now and maybe what we do now can make up for what we weren't able to say earlier on? There is more enthusiasm now and a need for us to to be appreciated and loved at the end of the day. The Moon is now on a collision course with the opposing Sun, a Lunar Eclipse awaits us soon, but more of that tomorrow...

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