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Astrology of the Day – Moon into Cancer & Venus into Scorpio - Tuesday 7th November 2017

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Astrology of the Day – Moon into Cancer & Venus into Scorpio - Tuesday 7th November 2017

There are difficult energies at work, especially early up entering this day, as the Moon ends it's journey through Gemini, and by afternoon (UK/European time) transitions into the more welcoming arms of Cancer. We may be on edge and not able to settle our minds, indeed they may be working overdrive in the morning, and it's only once we get into the afternoon, and the Cancerian need to have those we love around us and close to us, will we be able to relax a little more.

The explanation for this is because the Moon will be opposing stern Saturn as we enter Tuesday and making a a square aspect to Chiron. I have written much about this hurtful relationship operating between these two planets in the past week or so, and the opposition to Saturn will dampen our emotions, make us face responsibilities once again, and remind us that if we are going to be successful in our endeavours we are going to have to buckle down, and work hard. Someone senior in age or in a position of authority may be the one to remind us, or help us do this.

Uranus and Venus are in a separating opposition, and the Moon will make easier connections to these two planets too as the morning goes on. Through the Moon's connections to these planets the process of updating our values, possessions, relationships, love life, friendships and financial situations continues. There are many changes afoot, and in the past week you may have seen one or more of these areas of life start to go in a different direction. The Moon is the connecting force linking all these strands of life together as she moves from sign to sign, and we are having to adapt quickly to different situations, people and rules.

The Moon is still in contact with Venus as both change signs simultaneously, the Moon moves into Cancer as Venus does into Scorpio, forming a soothing water trine. Venus in Scorpio brings more certainty and intensity into our lives, as the goddess of love exchanges her finery and colourful robes in Libra, for figure hugging leather and whips in Scorpio. I suppose after the past week or two, to know where we actually stand will a good thing, and for that in the near future we may be quite relieved.

For the rest of the day there should be more peace, harmony and optimism as another trine forms from the Moon to Jupiter. Our emotions flow deeply now, we will want to feel love and warmth, and in general we are a giving mood. There is one more connection late on in this day of contrasts, as the Moon forms an inconjunct with Mercury in Sagittarius. Our calm could be punctuated by a letter, email, message or conversation (possibly from a family member) that gets us to think differently later on, or we may have to schedule a journey or errand or deal with an uncalled for local /neighbourhood problem or issue.

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