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Astrology of the Day - Monday 6th November 2017

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Astrology of the Day - Monday 6th November 2017

The Moon remains in Gemini the the whole of Monday with the effect that this is going to be a of juggling our priorities and trying to deal with several tasks at the same time. Your problem will be to try and prioritise what is the best route through what might be a rather busy day. Trying to be all things to all people is a laudable aim, but the problem is that you may spread your energies too thinly to satisfy the need of others, or even of yourself.

Initially we'll continue to feel the direct energy of the Moon to Mars trine and this will mutate and fade away as the Moon forms a difficult square to Neptune. For this square in particular, working out the truth of any situation will be a devilishly difficult task. The Moon in Gemini at the best of times gives mixed signals and doesn't allow us to settle, and the square to Neptune muddies the waters even more. We may have mixed emotions over a situation, be confused or even duped early on. As the day progresses, the Moon makes difficult links to both the Sun and Pluto, continuing to keep us off balance and wary that we are being taken advantage off. Certainly the manipulation of power and control will be themes that we might have to deal with.

Mars today makes a connection with two prominent stars. In hitting Diadem, the main star in the constellation of Coma Berenices, matters of hardship will be prevalent. This star accentuates situations were we aren't totally in control of what is happening, and we may require help and assistance. Vindemiatrix is a star in Virgo known as the grape gatherer, and this influence could encourage us to be more assertive in collecting the details about a situation so that we can understand it better. All this adds to the sense that we have to try and work out exactly is going on and why we are feeling either inferior, left out, used or under the gun from someone's controlling attitude. Maybe my friends, it's time for you yourself to get stronger, and to take a tougher line in achieving what you want to achieve?

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