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Astrology of the Day – Monday 27th November 2017

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Astrology of the Day – Monday 27th November 2017

We find the Moon still in the sign of Pisces throughout the day, and the sensitive and carefree energy continues into the start of the working week. We are in dreamland quite literally, and we may sleep very deeply and our dreams may appear much more vivid than normal as the Moon makes a conjunction to the ruler of Pisces, Neptune, making a trine to Jupiter at the same time. Our imagination can cross boundaries in the early hours, there is a potentially psychic feel as we open out to all possibilities. There is boundless emotional generosity on show early on today, we can give so much sympathy and caring through this connection.

With all planetary connections there is a darker side, and here we have the ability to emotional deceive too. Neptune is a planet of magic and illusion and with Jupiter in contact we can sell a story with a smile on our faces. Beware of the con artist and the smooth criminal today, as he may be circling around, and you may never know it until it's just too late.

The Moon passes though this connection and then forms a sextile to Pluto raising the emotional tension level up a notch or two. This is a mildly persuasive link, one where we can subtly get our way and take control of our own agenda through being able to persuade others to do our bidding.

Mercury finally makes it's conjunction with Saturn today, one that has been building for a while. Despite the elusive and scattered energies of the Moon over the past day, this link keeps our intentions in check and focused on the job in hand. We can think in a structured manner, plan our next moves and administrate our lives. If you combine the two energies, we can use the creativity and inspiration of the Moon and Neptune combined with the organisation of Mercury and Saturn to great effect in matters of healing and medicine, artistic creation and intuitive writing, explaining our beliefs and putting down plans to fulfil our dreams.

So you see it maybe wise to take heed of what we are told in our slumbers, as we may be able to turn the magical visions we experience as we sleep at night, into form and reality in the waking hours of our day...

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