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Astrology of the Day – Jupiter Conjunct Acrux – Saturday 2nd December 2017

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Astrology of the Day – Jupiter conjunct Acrux – Saturday 2nd December 2017

The Moon remains in the sign of Taurus through today and we have the need to keep things stable and secure. Taurus is the sign of making and building, it is a fixed sign and it it gives us much determination and enough patience to see anything through to a completion. Taurus is materialistic and we'll want to see, touch and feel whatever whatever we set out heart's desire on. There's an old fashioned link with the Moon in Taurus to the way things used to be, loyalty and sticking by what you know, traditional values and good manners.

The Moon begins today in a trine to Pluto as I mentioned yesterday and there's a welcoming intensity here. Even if things do start to go wrong, the Moon trine to Pluto can handle change and we should be able to remain calm when faced with a difficult situation. That calm demeanour may be needed as the Moon next up makes an inconjunct aspect to Mars, the planet of action. Our emotions as a bit frayed and irritable as actions we encounter force us to change our tune, or maybe what we do doesn't find favour with others. Maybe we can learn from the experience? Chiron sextile to the Moon after this Mars connection says that we can. This link provides an opportunity to make amends for and mistakes that we made and to realise where we went wrong.

The final aspects of the day see the Moon making a double set of inconjunct aspects to Mercury and Saturn and there is a potential for some emotional upset because of criticism or harsh words that comes our direction. Mercury and Saturn are still in the stars of the sting of Scorpio, and the words that we utter if we are slighted may still be very cutting and hurtful. Maybe we will have to change our ways because of a decision that is made and we will have to respect it. Maybe we will have to bow to authority or those who know better than us? If we find ourselves under the gun during this evening, regretfully I suspect we will have to accept things and take the hit on the chin. The Moon towards the end of the day slips into the early degree of Gemini, and maybe now we can dodge the bullet by being cute and clever, as it heads towards a changeable opposition with the Sun tomorrow.

There is one fixed star connection building now with Jupiter starting to come to an exact conjunction in the next couple of days with the main star in the constellation of the Southern Cross, Acrux. This star reflects the Taurean feel for the day, as Acrux is a star of the material world, and I also believe that this is a star connected to faith and beliefs too. The old saying is that to make money you have to have money in the first place, and now the gambler of the sky lands on a star of potential riches. This is a connection for the haves of this word to make the best of the situation they are in, the high stakes gambler who is prepared to place all of his winnings on one more spin of the wheel. What I am saying here is that today if you bet big, you can win big. Fortune also comes by association now, and you should use your contacts to help you progress. This around the world is a time where international finances will be in the spotlight.

Jupiter is the sign of the law, and the powerful who have abused their positions will now have to face up to what they did. This connection over the next few days will hold the powerful fully to account. Zeus, the Roman god who represented Jupiter held a thunder bolt in his hand ready to hurl it down on those who disobeyed his decrees or those who broke the rules. look out for the net to start to tighten on those who have done wrong.

The cross is a symbol of faith, and links to the major religions will be now highlighted by Jupiter on this star. How we believe and what we believe in is important, and our faith in the future may be affected by our core values now. It's time to remember what we were taught and let those lessons guide our actions over the next few days. Our faith will be our bedrock now, and what we will lean on if things take ever take a turn for the worse.

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