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Assault on Lyndos

By Davidduff

Tomorrow, at zero-God-awful hours I will be taking part in a naval assault on the southern town of Lyndos.  The good news is that the marines are nothing to do with it, well, those 'rock apes' couldn't find the end Brighton pier!  I will be try a right flank manouvre which should steer us well away from shops - full of booby traps, of course, the boobies being the husbands - and over towards the cafe and bar area. Well, a man may hope, may he not?

Of course, before agreeing to this dangerous sea-borne mission I insisted on a weather forecast because, as I pointed out to my friend, that there before our eyes were huge, dangerous 4" waves pounding our beach!  Well, you can't be too careful with the sea, there always seems to be an awful lot more of it than there is of me!

Assuming SoD has fixed my main computer-thingie I will write about this holiday in more detail when I return.  Suffice to say now that it is scoring 9.5 out of 10.


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