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Ask Experts 003: Albert Wolfe on Learning Mandarin Chinese Through Music, Books, Daily Life in China and If He Had to Start All Over Again!

By Learnmandarinnow

I’m very pleased to welcome Albert Wolfe to this week’s Podcast interview. Albert is an expert and quite a “star” in the Mandarin Chinese learning world and I have been following his blog老外中文)for quite a long time.

Albert now lives in Guangzhou, China. We covered a plethora of topics in this session, including his learning experiences and how he learned Chinese through many interesting approaches such as learning Chinese pop songs. You will also hear Albert sing a little bit in our Podcast interview….

We also spent a good portion of time talking about his book, and the Apps he uses, plus what he would do if he had to start all over again learning Mandarin Chinese.

In this Podcast interview, you will learn from Albert:

(1) how he got started learning Mandarin Chinese and why the first Chinese words he learned were 下水道盖子(manhole cover)

(2) the timeline for learning Mandarin Chinese you can expect

(3) his most important learning tip after 10 years of learning Mandarin Chinese

(4) how he learned Mandarin Chinese using pop songs

(5) the mistakes he has seen people making when they are learning the language and how you can avoid them

(6) his favorite resources for learning Mandarin Chinese

(7) how he would get started learning Mandarin Chinese if he had to start all over again

Mandarin Chinese resources we talked about:

(1) Pleco: one of the most popular Chinese dictionaries regularly recommended by Chinese learners

(2) Chinese grammar wiki : a practical, free, comprehensive online resource for Chinese grammar

(3) Albert’s Mandarin Chinese learning book “Zero to Fluent with Chinese 24/7” If you want to know more about some of Albert’s tricks and tips for learning Mandarin Chinese, check out his book as it’s ideal for Chinese students of all levels.

Thank you for listening!

Reviews on iTunes are extremely helpful and greatly appreciated, and I read each and every one of them! And, lastly, if you have any questions, please do ask or make a comment below or contact us directly here. Cheers, and thanks again!

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