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Ashley Reid (Pebbles Reid's Daughter) Releases Statement

Posted on the 08 November 2013 by Elle @Elle_Sweetest
I woke up this morning and checked my email first thing, which is what I usually do, and a email from the publicist of Pebbles Reid caught my attention. I was pleasantly surprised to see a statement released by none other than Ashley Reid, Pebbles' daughter. Now, I don't know what she knows or has to do with the situation other than being extremely ratchet on twitter and threatening 'Chilli' of TLC, and doing radio interviews in the hopes of clearing Pebbles' name. Let me begin by saying that I believe Pebbles has the God given right to try and clear her name. As for her daughter, in the words of Mr. Shawn Carter, I don't believe you you need more people! 


Daniella R. Jones

[email protected]

Chief Operating Officer/Publicist Imaging Success Group Inc.


Being tactlessly defensive is a choice, and may not be the most effective. It was my choice. Violence is not what I represent. For those that know me, either personally, through my weekly radio talk show, or my art- they know that I am a passionate person with no filter, that what I said, was in anger.

In anger, many things are said out of intense emotion. The same applies to a desperate attempt to threaten credibility, defame, and villainies someone’s character in order to generate publicity. That was TLC’s choice. My voice is my own and is not reflective of my mother’s opinion. Despite the lies and slander depicted in the movie and over the past 20 years, my mother loves TLC and always has.

Under no circumstances will I ever apologize for defending the people I love and what I know is right.........

Ok so some serious damage control is being done on behalf of the Reid team. From what I understand Pebbles has lawyered up and is suing Chilli, but for what!? As I stated in my previous blog, how could TLC be virtually broke when they pushed so many units? How can someone be sued over their personal perception of how a situation unfolded? I know if I pushed millions of units and my manager is pushing a new Benz and hands me the keys to a Honda Accord, something is terribly wrong. Anyone with half a mind knows that Tboz and Chilli were not the only ones interviewed to generate this movie. The movie did depict Pebbles in a really bad light that may be hard to bounce back from. There are rumors circulating that Chilli had an affair with L.A. Reid, which is so irrelevant to the situation at hand. The only way Pebbles can clear her name at this point is to prove with tangible documents that TLC had in fact, been paid for all of their hard work. Yes, we wish to see the contract in question as well! We want to see cashed checks, ledgers, and financial statements that shows that TLC had been treated fairly. Until then, the industry and the world will believe Pebbles is the person the CrazySexyCool movie said she was. 

Ashley Reid (Pebbles Reid's Daughter) Releases Statement

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