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Are You Up For A 7-Day Cleansing Challenge?

By Sarahohm @sarahohm
Good afternoon Beautiful,
It's a fairly gray day today. It's gray outside and they're calling for a lot of snow fall tonight (Hello Canada, what else is new?). I recently got my intense winter boots fixed and C made fun of me a little bit about getting them fixed after winter was over. HA! I hope it snows a lot tonight just so I can wear them and prove him wrong :).
How is everyone's week going? Mine is surprisingly very productive! I sent all of my tax forms off to the Tax Man (the man I hire to do my taxes) today so he can get a start on them (fingers crossed for money back please!). I also started test number 2 last night and got half way through it. Seriously. In two hours I got through half the stinking test. Mind you, it is open book and the test coveres a span of about 400 pages so it's fairly time consuming to flip through the pages just to make sure all of my answers are correct... god, I love open book tests. How can you mess up?? This coming from the girl who missed out on 12% on her last test by being too lazy to ensure my answers are correct lol.
This test is different from the first. The first test was ALL multiple choice, so for every question I had to look up a potentional 4 different answers. This time there was a few multiple choice questions, there's a section of 34 questions that require paragraph answers, a true/false section and a definition matching section. I like the change of pace. It's nice to write out my answers. Taking a test has been so foreign to me lately, but it all came flooding back! I remembered when I was taught that when you answer a question that you have to write the answer for, you always start the sentence off with a piece of the question, ie:
Q: What are the 4 main food groups of the Ideal Diet?
A: The 4 main food groups of the Idea Diet are....
Remember that? Haha, it's funny how little things like that come back to you when you do something for the first time that you haven't done in a while. Hopefully I will be finishing up my test tonight/tomorrow, and I'll be onto course number 3 - Anatomy & Physiology. I took this in college, both years, and you know... I didn't miss it when it was gone. It's dry, it's time consuming and it's 100% memorization. It's probably a lot easier to learn it if it's something you're super interested in, but when I was in college, learning anatomy was less of a concern to me than figuring out my plans for the evening. With that being said however, I did pass every course and still know the names of some very random body parts (can you tell me where you would find your sternocleidomastoid, anyone? Google counts as cheating.).
During the last bit of this past course, I learned a lot about using diet to help with disease prevention and treatment, and I learned a lot about fasting and cleansing. Although I already know that fasting isn't for me (read Hangry) I was intrigued by the thought of a cleanse. There are a lot of different types of cleanses from juice, to clean foods, to a vegan diet for the non-vegan to just plain water for an extended period of time. So I've decided that next week I'm going to participate in a cleanse, mostly to get any toxins that are built up in my system out of there! This is what I'm going to eat/drink for 7-days starting... Sunday or Monday.
- No meat
- Fruits
- Veggies
- Eggs
- Nuts
- Water
- Herbal Teas
- my Sun Warrior vegan raw protein if I have a great workout
Are You Up For A 7-Day Cleansing Challenge?
I'm aiming for as much organic and raw as possible! Want to join me? It's only 7 days... It won't be THAT hard, I mean, I was a vegetarian for 3 years, I think I can do 7 days. I'm going to keep a journal of everything I eat and note how I'm feeling throughout the day. I actually started getting into it this week so it's not that big of a change. I'm only eating 3oz of meat at breakfast, and waiting until dinner before I eat more. I'm logging all my foods/carbs/calories just for fun and to see what I'm eating. I'm slowly coming off coffee (I didn't have one today!) and conciously thinking about getting in more water, I need to drink TONS of water next week to help flush toxins from my body! I'm nervous about not feeling full after breakfast when not eating meat. I'll have to hard boil some eggs and bring a snack just in case.
Who's with me??? Comment below if you want to take on this 7-day challenge!!
Workout's this week (2 days in...) have been good!! Today I did some heavy lifting for my upper body, caught a glimpse of my back and saw it was fairly muscular - sweet! I upped my weight on a lot of exercises. I did 60lbs Pec Dec, 55lbs Lateral Raise Machine, 70lbs Lat Pulldown, 35lbs Dumbbell One-Arm Row and 20lbs Dumbbell Shoulder Press! And I did a fast paced 1 mile run on the treadmill, I ran at 6.4 for 10 minutes to end the workout which resulted in about 1.12 miles I think.
Yesterday I did a fast 5km on the treadmill (does anyone else find they run faster outside than on a treadmill, but then running faster on a treadmill is exhausting?) and finished 3.21 miles in 30 minutes. I ran the first 10 minutes at 6.2, ran the second 10 minutes at 6.4, ran 2 minutes at 6.5, 2 minutes at 6.6, 2 minutes at 6.7, 2 minutes at 6.8, 1 minute at 6.9 and 1 minute at 7.0. I was a sweaty mess by the end of that run, but it felt great and I felt accomplished after!
Ok - I'm off to finish this exam and get started on a blog design for a client! I want to know how you've been productive this week! AND if you're in for the 7-day cleanse challenge! Please please please join me so I'm not alone and am accountable to someone!!
Are You Up For A 7-Day Cleansing Challenge?

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