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Are You Engaged?

Posted on the 28 April 2011 by Maria Snyder @MariaConsulting

With the Royal Wedding this week, I thought this blog title was fitting. The Royal Family sure knows how to throw a party and in fact has a social media team assigned to take care of the tweets, posts and various updates before, during and after the upcoming historic event! Here is their main website and you can see their clear push to Facebook or go just here:
I couldn’t help myself, I’ve traveled to London, UK for my honeymoon, I clicked like.   Who doesn’t want to see a princess get married anyway?
So, are you engaged, on social media?  Meaning….. are you interacting with others on the sites to which you belong?  Social media serves many purposes, however if you are a business, or individual and are not interacting on those sites, then why do you have an account?  I’m not saying it’s bad to “just have an account”, some people are just voyeurs, they watch or read for that matter. And for those voyeurs who may be socially challenged, it’s ok to be just that.
For us others, who are socially savvy (like me) and enjoy the interactivity that social media brings I say hooray and pleased to meet ‘cha!
Narcissism is an interesting thing, heck look at President Obama. He is quite narcissistic now is he not? Although I may not agree with his politics, he’s often top of mind and it’s possibly due to his narcissism. Engaging on social media is not at all about being narcissistic, it’s about sharing something, saying something and conveying information. My strength is I am interesting (and not narcissistic). I know many people, I’m married to a professional musician, was raised in a bar and yet I’m a very successful business woman who travels quite a bit in the Fall around NY State. I’m genuine and often have a unique yet clear perspective on the way things work. Yadda yadda I could go on but that would be narcissistic wouldn’t it now?
So you have information, a suggestion a product and you want to get out there, now what? There are many talented marketing professionals out there with fancy ways of promoting and then there are social media managers like myself who are engaged, active and genuine. Find your social media manager here, my initial consultation is always, free.

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