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Are You a NERD Too?

By Tinacolada @StyleScribbles

Are you a NERD too?
So, what happened today was, I was trying out new layouts for my blog as I think I could do with a fresh look and while looking through the design templates on blogger, my stupid laptop froze, as in hanged totally (not that I blame you entirely dear laptop, I know it’s high time I replaced your batteries and upgraded your RAM) and I, being the impatient drama queen that I am, started randomly pressing the keys to get it back to work. Now, those of you who are on my twitter timeline would know exactly what happened and how I reacted to it, but for all you other folks, here’s the story…
When my laptop got back to its normal functions, I realized that the template I was just trying out got applied to my blog and VOILA! There I was totally panicked. I could not believe that just happened. I had no idea where I had saved my original blogger template and frankly, for a moment or two I wasn’t particularly sure, if I had at all saved it somewhere. The new template would not have freaked me out that much, if my sidebar hadn’t disappeared like extinguished species and if I had a little more patience. Well, moving on, I tried to find the original template online, to reinstall but simply couldn’t, cause it has been over two years since I first downloaded it and simply didn’t remember where from. Okay! Here I was totally lost and felt as though my boyfriend just broke up with me and left me in a mess. Really my blog was a mess (only for about half an hour) and I was busy ranting away my desperation on twitter, calling my husband up at his work and well…almost in tears. Went downstairs, grabbed a cookie, cursed blogger, kind of slapped my laptop screen a little (Shhh!) threw away random stuff from my bed (I am moving countries in 10 days people, my house, my bed everything is crowded, messy and a bit out of order).
Suddenly I realized that I did save my blogger layout- I am in a habit of doing this from time to time, even taking full back up of my blog! Trust me you never know! But I could not find it anywhere because I was looking by the wrong name, now I thought, my blog template was named scrapbook- which of course it isn’t (feels like scrapbook to me, that’s a different story for some other time). Anyway, I finally found the saved template, imagine my relief!
And there it was my old blog layout, just one click away.
It just made me realize how big a nerd I am, because I almost had a heart attack when, for a second there, I thought I will never see my old blog again. I do agree, now that I know I have it safe in my laptop, I am feeling brave and will probably try out new looks for my blog soon, maybe even tonight, but surely after my breathing gets back to normal (I am still palpitating from the shock).
So I simply want to ask you all- is this how a nerd gets a nervous breakdown? Possibly! Like when a gadget breaks or a website goes down or if an online game isn’t going as planned, I guess so. Are you all as possessive and attached to your blogs/ websites or whatever other online world you have created for yourselves? Do you also think about your blog first, when planning a vacation or a long trip? And do you miss your blog too when you can’t reach it at least twice every day?
Is our blog becoming the partner we want for the rest of our lives? Listening to our daily dose of ‘what I like’, ‘what I want’ and more, spending hours online browsing through websites and shopping portals… Is our blog slowly turning us into a computer slave? Are you like me, spending more time with your laptop than reading a book or actually going out? Hmm… tell me what your relationship with your blog/website is like, would love to know more on this thought! photo from google images

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