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Are Lectins Causing Your Allergies, Headaches, and Belly Fat?

By Jamie Koonce @charcuterielove

Are Lectins Causing Your Allergies, Headaches, and Belly Fat?

A Natural Defense Against the Hidden Causes of Allergies, Migraine Headaches, and Weight Gain

Some people have immediate reactions to foods that they are allergic or sensitive to, so they tend to avoid those foods to prevent unpleasant symptoms. Most people, however, do not experience immediate reactions to foods that tend to “disagree” with them.  Instead, these disagreeable foods slowly erode their health without them noticing it because they become used to the low grade inflammation in their GI tracts caused by the wrong foods. Many common symptoms are really the result of substances in foods called lectins that interact with your immune system. An example of a common lectin that many have heard of is gluten or gliadin found in grains and many processed foods. Some of the post-meal reactions to lectins include:

• Headaches, brain fog, lack of concentration
• Skin problems such as itchiness, eczema, and acne
• Water retention, puffiness around the eyes, extremities
• Bloating — a very common symptom
• Easy weight gain and stubborn weight loss
• Chronic fatigue and post-meal fatigue
• Chronically clearing throat and excess mucous
• Respiratory symptoms like chronic, (non-illness) coughing
• Joint stiffness and pain (particularly in the morning)
• Urinary weakness or chronic inflammation or infection
• Abdominal pain and gas with meals, excessive belching (lectins can also lower the HCL levels impairing digestion)
• Gastric reflux and upset stomach
• Irritable bowel and spastic colon
• Hyperactivity
• Sinus problems, itchy nose, congestion and post-nasal drip
• Insulin shifts affecting blood sugar balance

Lectins are specialized proteins commonly found in fruits, vegetables, and seafood, and especially in grains, beans and seeds. They are not degraded by stomach acid or proteolytic enzymes, making them virtually resistant to digestion. Certain lectins consumed in everyday foods can bind to cells in the gut and to blood cells, initiating an inflammatory response and contributing to such problems as digestive disorders, weight gain, post-meal fatigue and immune challenges. Lectin Lock™ is a unique blend designed to “lock up” problematic lectins and safely escort them out of the body. Take with every meal for better health now as part of a program of prevention for the future.

Are Lectins Causing Your Allergies, Headaches, and Belly Fat?
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Recommended Dosage:

Take 2 capsules at the beginning of each meal.

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