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April 24. A Day of Sorrow, Or a Day to Rejoice?

By Rachel

April 24. A day of sorrow, or a day of rejoice? “Who today, after all, speaks of the annihilation of the Armenians?” Hitler is reported to have said in 1939 before sending his troops to invade Poland.
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BY ARAM SUREN HAMPARIAN This April, for the first time since 1915, the 24th falls on Easter Sunday on the Armenian Church calendar.
And so, on this sacred day, for the first time since the Armenian Genocide, Armenians will join together as Christians to celebrate the ascension of Christ after his earthly death upon the cross, and also, as Armenians – heirs of an ancient people that arose nearly a century ago from the ashes of genocide – to mark our own rebirth as a nation.
We will recall with pride our resurrection as a people from the fires of hatred that nearly consumed us in 1915... resource: Asbarez.com

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