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Apple Pumpkin Pie

By Laurawh77 @travladventurer
Tights // We Love Colors // Shorts // Forever 21 // Blouse // ASOS // Rider Boots // Ruche
There is something about the fall that makes even the simplest outfit look sleek and polished. Layering is a key for a fall day like this one and with a layered outfit, shirt under blouse and tights under shorts, there is a certain whimsically Victorian charm that the outfit garners. Those Victorians, all a blush with pleated frills and layered jackets. Victorian details are everywhere this fall and with my puffed sleeves I felt absolutely like a 19th century lady as we headed out into the country for a day of apple picking, pie hunting and all around good times.
These rust colored tights from We Love Colors are my favorite item for the fall. They just seem to with everything I own as well as reflect the wonderful colours of the changing season outside! And when I got this great blouse from ASOS the two of them simply called out to each other and I was glad to finally get to bring them together in this stunning farm flavored look.
For me everything about the fall is about texture. Adding texture anywhere you can find a place for it. Denim vests being my #1 item to add onto any outfit. Be it a dress, blouse, tank top, whatever! And since the new short peter pan hair cut, feathered earrings (or just the one earring to be specific) are a great little addition that brings just a touch of flare to your upper half. Don't be afraid, go ahead and mix patterns, textures and colours! Fall is the changing of the seasons and there is no better time to experiment with whatever fashions you've been dreaming up in your mind that represent and express your personality!
Apple picking this year was a dream! The trees were heavy with fruit as we ran around the orchards, finding our favorite kinds of apples and filling out bags with them! We even got to eat some fruit right off the tree, it was like out of the water bobbing for apples.
Getting out of the city is so relaxing, even if it is just for an afternoon. We ate corn on the grill, toured around the pie shop and even drove out to a small farmers market were we picked up some lovely baked treats. The countryside and the rougher, more rustic clothing style found out there have both really been something of an inspiration to me this season so it was great to get outdoors and wander around some vintage barns and country shops where I found some interesting little items that gave me some great ideas for outfits to come...
This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving and I'm excited to get baking, even though I'm nowhere prepared for all the cooking that needs to be done....ah well. Sometimes the best things come on the fly!

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