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Anyone for Some Humbuggery?

By Davidduff

Please do help yourselves because Guido has been kind enough - what would we do without him? - to provide an enormous dollop of steaming humbuggery in the form of a YouTube record of the 'Kleggeron' wriggling on the horn of Lord Rennard.  Oh dear, that doesn't read quite right, what I meant to say was that the Right Honourable Leader of the, er, Liberal-Democrat party - yeeeeeeees, quite! - finds himself shackled to a senior advisor, to wit, Lord Rennard,  who has been accused by sundry ladies of "inappropriate behaviour".  That, of course, is a contemporary catchphrase which means everything or nothing depending on the listener.  I say that because the phrase is redolent with meaning without actually meaning anything!  Fortunately we do have some rules of law left standing and a frightfully distinguished legal Poobah conducted an enquiry into the lady's complaints.  He found, apparently, that there was insufficient evidence to pass the bottom line for a criminal charge.  So far so good and so obvious but, opined this wretched Poobah, the ladies were obviously telling the truth and Lord Rennard was, in the words of Monty Python, "a very naughty boy!"  With twerps like that running our legal system I fear for the future.  If there was insufficient evidence to mount a criminal charge then, in today's argot - end of!  You can't, or at least you shouldn't, then add a rider that in your opinion the ladies were truthful thus rendering Lord Rennard guilty after all despite there being insufficient evidence.

This smelly package was quickly handed over to the Gand Panjandrums who run the Lib-Dems and their leader, 'The Mighty Kleggeron'.  He and they quickly decided that there was nothing they could do about it and Lord Rennard remains a member of the party, just as he remained a member after he was caught cheating on his expenses a couple of years back!  Well, so far so proper, but under cross examination during his weekly appearance on LBC Radio, that well-known, er,  liberal Nick Clegg said, in effect, that the answer to cases where there was insufficient proof was to change the rules to make it easier!

There, in a nutshell, or perhaps a nutter's shell, is a perfect example of why I always refer to that wretched, dangerous collection of misbegotten wankers as the 'il-Lib-non-Dem' party.  Anyone who votes for them deserves everything they are likely to get should these rascals ever reach real power in the land.


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