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Another Hideaway

By Takeeatfoodblog
Another Hideaway is definitely a place you can go to hideaway from the busy city life. It is tucked in a small alleyway along Harris St- close to the ABC building and UTS. A few of my friends have been here a couple of times and they have expressed how much they like the food and atmosphere of Another Hideaway. After a long overdue catch up with some of my friends I suggested we go here to give it a try!

Another Hideaway has large glass windows at the entrance where you can see into the kitchen and first level of the cafe (it is a split level cafe). At the entrance is the kitchen, coffee machines and seating, it was a bit confusing at first to where to order our food but a friendly waitress greeted us and took our order somewhere at the front :P We decided to sit upstairs- there is a large communal table and smaller tables around it, there is also a couch to sit on.

I ended up ordering an iced coffee and bacon and egg roll, which costs me less than $15-ish :) My friends ordered some thai iced tea (I think...) and a fruit and yoghurt dish, which was perfect for the hot weather today! 
Picture Picture
Iced Coffee | $5.50
The iced coffee was very refreshing and cooling since it was so hot today and a nice cold drink was perfect to cool me down. However the cream on top was too heavy and made the drink very sweet. The cup that the iced coffee was in was a very tall so there was a generous amount of ice cream, ice and coffee which was definitely worth the amount you pay.
Picture Picture
Bacon & Egg Roll | $6.00
The bacon and egg roll was quite standard, it was nothing too spectacular but since I was quite hungry it was a very filling roll. I also liked how the bacon and egg roll was not oily at all like some other bacon and egg rolls I have eaten.
Fruit and yoghurt
Overall, Another Hideaway is a very cozy cafe which is a perfect place to unwind and escape from the rush of people outside in the City. It can get quite noisy when there is a lot of people, which happened about an hour or so we were there but this is quite common in cafes. The prices of the dishes range and you will definitely get a decent meal for a decent price, there is a wide selection to choose from! If you wanted amazing cafe food I wouldn't recommend this place but if you are not too fussed about that then make your way down to Another Hideaway to.... hideaway from your busy life for awhile :)

Happy eating x
Disclaimer: This review is only my personal opinion and experience of/at the restaurant, this review is not intended to damage the reputation of the restaurant. Another Hideaway on Urbanspoon

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