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Anna Wintour.

By Kathrynhutton

Anna Wintour.Anna Wintour is famous editor-in-chief of American Vogue. Wintour has a reputation of an aloof and reserved person. She is critical and direct, demanding and strict ruler. She became an editor of the US Vogue in 1988. Wintour has been fascinated by fashion industry since adolescence. Her father was an editor of the British newspaper Evening Standard. He taught her basic skills of running a newspaper. And of course her father influenced her. “I think my father really decided for me that I should work in fashion”, assumes Wintour.

She started her career as a fashion journalist in London. She was dreaming about Vogue at the time. It was her aim and she gained it. But her contribution to fashion journalism took place in New York City where she decided to revitalize American Vogue. At the time it was in a decline. And she managed to do it. Moreover Wintour still manages to influence fashion industry through Vogue.

Wintour is obsessed by fashion industry and fashion journalism. She devotes herself entirely to the sphere. She managed to reshape the format of the magazine. “I want Vogue to be pacy, sharp, and sexy, I’m not interested in the super-rich or infinitely leisured. I want our readers to be energetic, executive women, with money of their own and a wide range of interests. There is a new kind of woman out there. She’s interested in in business and money. She doesn’t have time to shop anymore. She wants to know what and why and where and how” (from the interview to the London Daily Telegraph). And it seems like she managed to do it. Wintour introduces young and perspective designers promoting and supporting them. Thus John Galliano was hired by Christian Dior fashion house being promoted by the “unofficial mayoress” of New York.

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